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YNG Studios - Finding Balance and Harmony

Mar 20, 2023 09:43AM ● By Nina Welch

Deborah and Todd bringing body and mind into harmony.

By Nina Welch

YNG Yoga Studios, 102 S. Ola Vista, is the original hot yoga studio in San Clemente. New owners Deborah Miller and Todd Mace purchased the studio in June, 2018, before, during and after Covid. They remodeled, reconfigured, rebranded, and renamed the business. According to Deborah, they doubled down. Following the Covid shut-down, there was no confusion whether or not they would stay open. “We were fully committed to our community. When they came back to us, they knew who we were, what we were, and why we were,” said Deborah. 

What made them want to buy a Yoga studio? Todd said it’s their tight-knit community. Surfers are a big part of their clientele. “You don’t take them with a grain of salt, you take them with a grain of sand, and be ready to sweep up afterwards,” says Todd with a smile.

When entering the studio, Yin and Yang is personified in the décor of mixed elements and black and white apparel for sale. Their branded wall is made of metal and Shou Sugi Ban wood, which is a Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it with fire. This process symbolizes new beginnings through destruction. Also greeting students as they enter, is the Ganesha Elephant diety, known for removing all obstacles.

In her hot 26 yoga class, Deborah has been known to sing a mantra in Sanskrit with the crystal bowl sounds. A loyal student enjoys these classes four times a week. “I take hot yoga for a great work-out and to connect with like-minded people. YNG Studios is my tribe,” says Carla Blanco, local realtor.

Traditional yoga classes at YNG are combined with modern, functional movement taught by 20 of the most beloved and respected teachers in the community, including Deborah and Todd. A common denominator in the classes is that the body is coming back into harmony with the mind. Classes include: Flow’yng: Linking breath to movement; Shred’yng: Cardio, weight-resistance training; Power’yng: Breath, core, structural alignment; YNG Hot 26 (Fusion): Incorporates all 26 poses with flair; YN + YNG: Slower-paced signature class.

Deborah and Todd also teach at Casa Romantica on Wednesdays from 9:15 to 10am outside weather permitting. Free to members, $10 non. Workshops offered at YNG include: Reiki Circle, sound bath, breathwork, guided meditation, nutrition, cleanses, teacher trainings, and more. 
Deborah noted that they are into wellness and are happy to see Choice Juicery as a new business in downtown. “We gave our teachers Choice gift certificates for Christmas. We have a good connection with the superfood bar and juicery for our dual wellness intention,” says Deborah. 

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