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Bamboo & Beyond

May 05, 2006 11:14AM ● By Don Kindred

by Jadon Micalizzi

Did you know that there are over 1,200 species of bamboo, or that it can grow as fast as 1.2 meters in 24 hours (almost 4 feet per day)? Barbara Anderson does. Her great love for its beauty and the many uses of its wood is obvious as she walks the isles of her San Clemente store, Bamboo and Beyond, and talks about how she started it.
Anderson had long grown her own bamboo as a hobby. And her fascination with the plant led her all the way to Bali, a small island in Indonesia, to study bamboo art. After several weeks there, she bought all the bamboo furniture and carvings she could and had them shipped home. She came back to the States, filled her garage and began selling them. 
As her sales grew, Barbara opened her first store in Oceanside, where she still lives. Acting on some advice from a customer about San Clemente and the market potential of the city and its neighbors, Barbara closed down her store in Oceanside and opened a new one in San Clemente.
Starting and running your own business is no small task; after talking with Anderson, it is no surprise that her business continues to do well. She operates her store herself with the help of her daughter and a friend running the front counter. She does all the bookkeeping herself, as well as polishing the furniture, arranging the displays, and everything else her business requires. 
She displays a sense of pleasure and accomplishment as she goes about taking care of her business’s everyday needs.
What does Bamboo and Beyond have to offer? “A lot!” According to Barbara the store has all kinds of furniture including desks, tables, chairs, and beds to name just a few. In fact, Bamboo and Beyond carries every piece of furniture needed to furnish a room, or a house.
Anderson also stocks her store with numerous bamboo wood carvings. Beautifully detailed carvings of birds, sea turtles, and sharks adorn the store. Brightly painted wind chimes hang from the ceiling as well as bird houses. 
Bamboo and Beyond also carries a variety of stock bamboo for do-it-yourself projects. If A customer wants something not in the store, the chances are it is in Barbara’s warehouse. If not in the warehouse, she can order custom items straight from Bali.
“To bring the outside in,” is what Barbara Anderson’s store is all about. From its beginnings in Oceanside, to its current location in San Clemente, and to her newest store in San Diego, that motto holds true. b

Bamboo and Beyond is located at 713 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente. 429-1415.

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