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Two for One JunQies & Twin Flames

Jun 01, 2024 12:37PM ● By Nina Welch

Heide Morris is the owner of JunQies and Twin Flames Candle Bar.

by Nina Welch

Two dazzling businesses in one store
premiered in the Historic City Hall building, est. 1929, at 107 S. El Camino Real on March 1 of this year. Owner Heide Morris is proud to introduce JunQies, a hub for eclectic treasures, and Twin Flames Candle Bar where one can design their own candle from vessel to scent. 

The Twin Flames Candle Bar is the first candle bar in San Clemente. Personalized crafting awaits those who want to make their own candles. The instructions for candle making are: first, visit the vessel wall to select your preferred color and style. Next, head to the fragrance area and pick your favorite scent. Finally, select up to three scents for your final candle notes. According to Heide, candle bars are a creative concept where customer interaction is the new retail experience. The candles used to take an hour to cool, and now with the special refrigerator for candle cooling, they’re ready in 20 minutes, which gives a crafter time to shop. The Real Housewives of Orange County even got into the candle-making venture when they recently filmed Season 18 at Twin Flames Candle Bar.  

A few steps away from the candle bar is JunQies, an ever-changing curated collection of vintage gems and stylish apparel for men and women. The JunQies’ moniker came from a classier version of junk with the French Q in the center. (Q = never question the fun.) 
Heide’s sources come from world travels, celebrity estate sales, and studio auctions. Her warehouse contains over15,000 items, which gives her the inkling to open a museum someday.  When asked about her fascination with vintage clothing, Heide recalls, “My first prom dress came from my grandmother’s closet. It was a black Jackie O dress.”  Heide always had a soft spot for hand-made, good-quality clothing and remembers the fabric and patterns vividly.
In addition, the boutique offers lithographs and prints of masterpieces for sale from a private collection. The art wall includes works by Chagall, Picasso, Dali, and Matisse. “If we don’t have it, please ask. We can restock anything within 48 hours from our local San Clemente warehouse,” offers Heide.

Some of the fun happenings at 
JunQies/Twin Flames Candle Bar include:
• Open Mic performances on Thursdays from 6-8pm for poets, singers, guitarists, and 
• Birthdays, showers, and gender reveal parties (when the candle melts down, either blue or
    pink appears brightly). 
• Crafting room, which includes resin classes.
• Kids craft creations (ages 3-5) once a week from 7-9am.
• A beach-cities anchor for Halloween costumes since 2008. 
• Full moon candle-crafting events.•
• Buck Pluck, first Saturday of every month, from 8 to 11am. Items displayed on tables
including grab bags and clothing at $2 each.
• The entire space can be booked for private VIP themed parties.
Heide and her partner of ten-years, Harrysen Mittler, are new San Clemente residents. He is in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and corporate finance. Her daughter, LeSandre, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and former rapper, is the first woman to sell out her 10,000-piece-NFT (non-fungible) collection in 22 minutes. “LeSandre came up with the community table concept and title for Twin Flames,” says Heide proudly.
“We love the vibrant city and all its charms. We are blessed to have our business here where so many have stopped by to wish us good luck and give us advice about the super close community,” states Heide.b

Hours: 11:30am-6:30pm daily (Mondays and Tuesdays by chance or appointment) Summer Hours starting June 1. 10am-7pm daily Website: Facebook: twinflamescandlebar,