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San Clemente Run Club - A Club Set Apart

Dec 23, 2023 02:28PM ● By Anne Batty
by Anne Batty

Founded just over a year ago, by San Clementeans Juliette Roberts and Makenna Walz, both passionate runners, the San Clemente Run Club is thriving. Begun with only a handful of participants, the club now includes 30-40 members running on Saturdays, with 20 or so joining in on Wednesday evenings. But what sets this club apart, is its emphasis not only on physical fitness, but more importantly on the building of friendships, as well as community involvement. 
Under dedicated leadership, the club has fast become a place where runners of all abilities and ages feel supported, included and welcomed. 

Makenna Walz and Juliette Roberts


Behind the Scene 
The idea for this club was formed after Roberts and Walz had a chance encounter in a coffee shop in town. After that meeting, it took only a few short months for the duo to discover and form a bond over their common interest in running. As their relationship blossomed the idea of helping others to form friendships through running was born.

In the beginning, the duo was able to interest only a handful of people in their weekly runs. Participation was so sparse they were tempted to give up. They tried everything to get the word out, Juliette even found herself calling out to runners she passed on the streets of San Clemente and Dana Point inviting them to join the club. This approach along with poster advertising, social media, and determination eventually paid off, and today the founders are excited to have a community of 30 to 40 runners maintaining their health and building friendships through participation in the club.

Sharing her part in forming the club, Juliette revealed that running wasn’t her first passion. During her college years at the University of Oregon Juliette was focused on her involvement with the University of Oregon’s Cheer team and her future aspirations of becoming a professional dancer, which turned out to come true in her present life. In this time of her life, running was just a fun hobby she would do with friends, but it wasn’t until her first marathon in Eugene Oregon where running turned into a full time passion

Coming first to LA after graduation, Juliette eventually ended up in San Clemente knowing no one. It was that chance meeting and friendship with Makenna that planted the seed for the future run club, and she says seeing and hearing about the friendships developing between club members and beyond is the most rewarding part of managing the club.

Along with building friendships, San Clemente Run Club has partnered with brands like Nike, local businesses and health professionals to promote health and wellness in the community. 
Although fairly young, this club seems to be well on its way to providing locals an opportunity to stay healthy, while cultivating friendships and serving the community.

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