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Rainbow Sandals CEO Sparky Longley Named "2023’s Man of the Year” by The Flora May Foundation

Dec 06, 2023 12:49PM ● By Don Kindred

Pictured from left: Jon Hansen (Trust One Components) and his dog Grace, Rhett Strika (, Sparky and his dog Benny, Debbie Hansen-Bosse (CEO of The Flora May Foundation), Linda Ledford (John Anderson Law/Board Member of FMF), Jon Hansen (Trust One Components) and his dog Grace, Rhett Strika (Honorary and Herman Brown (Rainbow Sandals) pictured.

In a heartwarming ceremony held on November 17th at Rainbow's Corporate office, Sparky Longley, the innovative mind behind the renowned Rainbow Sandals, was honored as "2023’s Man of the Year" by The Flora May Foundation of San Clemente, CA.

Sparky Longley has been a cornerstone of the sandal industry for 50 years, recognized not only for his iconic footwear but also for his extraordinary philanthropic endeavors. Known throughout the business and charitable communities for his compassionate giving, Sparky has played a pivotal role in combating food insecurity. His commitment to this cause is evident as Rainbow Sandals donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local non-profits daily through Sparky's warehouse.

The selection of Sparky Longley for the prestigious "Man of the Year" award aligns seamlessly with his dedication to charitable work. The award ceremony was a fitting tribute to his efforts, held at Rainbow's Corporate office on November 17th.

The Flora May Foundation, the organization presenting the award, is a non-profit based in San Clemente, CA, committed to assisting families in crisis. Recently, the foundation garnered acclaim by winning "Non-Profit of the Year" at The American Business Association's awards ceremony held in New York’s Marriott Marquis Hotel. Debbie Hansen-Bosse, the Founder & CEO of The Flora May Foundation, also received the "Thoughtleader of the Year" award at the same event.

Beyond accolades, The Flora May Foundation actively addresses critical issues within the community. The foundation aids parents dealing with struggling teenagers, offering crucial support and guidance. Moreover, their free workforce development program, "Working Women Winning (WWW)," empowers women by enhancing their skills, fostering employment opportunities.

During the holiday season, The Flora May Foundation, in collaboration with other non-profits, ensures that over 100,000 toys are donated to Orange County's less fortunate, spreading joy and embodying the spirit of giving.

For more information on The Flora May Foundation and their impactful initiatives, please visit