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Veda Bar, A New Innovation in Town

Sep 26, 2023 10:21AM ● By Anne Batty

Teri Nejad has created a tranquil Women’s Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Spa named Veda Bar.

by Anne Batty

IN a newly designed space amidst the medical offices on Camino de los Mares, innovative owner Teri Nejad has created a tranquil Women’s Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Spa named Veda Bar. While this spa is similar to many holistic spas in its offerings of the purest products and well-qualified, caring technicians, it is unique in the providing of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole body) healing techniques. 

Developed more than 3,000 years ago in India, Ayurveda is a healing technique based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit, with its main goal being the promotion of overall wellness.

“I suffered some injuries in an auto accident in 2010,” Teri Nejad shared, “Ayurvedic therapy has helped me to heal. Having experienced its effects first-hand, I am convinced it can help others. I wanted to share that experience … to do for others what was done for me. It is my belief that women hold a sacred place in this life and should be offered the opportunity to be cared for mentally, physically and emotionally. That is my goal.”

Nejad’s desire to help others has resulted in the creation of a beautifully decorated, well-appointed, and peaceful beauty/body sanctuary where Ayurveda, Pilates and Infrared Saunas - among other services - are now being offered. She believes that the combination of Ayurveda and Pilates has been proven to have a powerful, positive effect on a human’s physical and mental state of being

“Throughout history, the combination of Ayurveda and Pilates has proven beneficial in mind, body and spirit improvement,” Teri explained. “The practice of the holistic science and medicine of Ayurveda offers a higher quality of life, and the fitness regime created by Joseph Pilates to help rebuild broken soldiers in WW11, has shown conclusive results in strengthening and repairing the body.”

It was a long road to accomplishing Nejad’s opening of the Veda Bar, and it all began in her home teaching one-on-one and group Pilates classes. During that time, the results of her injuries in an auto accident caused her to enhance her road to recovery. Interested in health science since her youth, she decided to study alternative healthcare at the Southern California University of Health Sciences whose vision is “To transform and redefine health and healthcare education.” While there her focus was on Ayurveda. During that time, she also participated in this process of healing under the mentorship of Vaidya Jayagopai, Paria, AKA Dr. Jay from Athreya Ayurveda.   
As Teri’s Pilates business outgrew her home, she was receiving encouragement from Dr. Craig Williams LAc, among others, to grow her business. At the same time, she learned that a space formerly occupied by the Sweat Sanctuary was up for sale. Having spent her youth living in the development located just above the former studio, it was Karmic that this spot should be offered at the exact time she was looking for a place to open a spa with space for her Pilates classes. She quickly submitted her offer, opening her unique salon in May of this year.

Re-decorated in warm, varying shades of grey, Veda Bar hosts a space for non-toxic nail care, two treatment rooms for skin care, massage and Ayurvedic treatments, an intimate Pilates room for private and small group sessions, and five infrared sauna havens previously named for the islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti, Bali, Kauai and Antigua. All products used and sold there are non-toxic and of the highest quality. Tailored to create an atmosphere of relaxation, it is a space where one can rejuvenate, detoxify and get fit all in one place.

The Ayruvedic treatments offered at Veda Bar are performed with organic herbal medicinal oils. A sample of those modalities available follows: 

Shirodhara (shira meaning head, dhara flow). Warm oil applied on the forehead stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus (hormone producing organ in the brain), improves circulation, relaxes the mind, aids with sleep problems and more.

Kati Basti (kati meaning lower back, basti to retain). Performed by retaining warm oil on the lower back for a specific duration. Heated oil puddles are placed in a well-made gram dough frame, keeping the oil heated over the target region. This is often followed by a brief massage and a steaming. Helps relieve chronic back pain.

Janu Basti (janu meaning knee, basti to retain) Warm oil is poured repeatedly over the knee joints to help them relax and effectively address and soothe joint pain.

Netra Basti (netra meaning eyes, basti to retain) An ‘eyebath’ of sorts, the eyes are submerged in an herbal substance called ghee, a golden yellow substance often known as clarified butter, offering treatment of a wide variety of eye ailments.

Coming from a family of organic farm owners, Teri Nejad’s bent has always been healthy and organic. Located on the Ortega Hwy, her family’s 16-acre farm has been in operation for over 15 years, providing organic nuts, berries and avocados to the communities at large. With this business and a loving, supportive family unity as the backdrop of her life, Teri has learned the importance of healthy eating, living and healing. It is all these things and a deep-seeded desire to help people that this innovative entrepreneur brings to her newly formed Veda Bar.b\

For more information, hours, booking treatments and affordable specials, visit [email protected], or call (949)888-8787.