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DYLVN - Musician on the Edge

Jun 13, 2023 10:59AM ● By Mary Colarik

Alternative/indie artist DYLVN

By Mary Colarik

Dylan Lagestee is a 20-something musician perched on the edge of hitting the big time in the music industry - not an easy feat. Professionally he spells his name DYLVN. He inverted the letter ‘A’ so not really changing his identity much, however, shortly after the slight change up to his given name, Dylan, people started calling him, ‘DYL VIN.’ He loved the nickname and decided to go with it. He quipped, “there’s a lot of Dylan’s in the world but only one DYLVN!”

As a youngster Lagestee was constantly singing, especially in the car. He tried writing a song when he was quite young. In second grade, he dressed up like Tom Petty for a school talent show. His onstage interpretation of the rocker was well received but the next year when the talent show rolled around, young Dylan experienced stage fright and ran off the stage.

He grew up in Mission Viejo, attended Trabuco High School where he played basketball and performed in school plays. After graduating from high school, he headed to Australia. Having met an Australian family on a surfing trip overseas, he was invited to stay with them for a week until he found his own living quarters. He settled in Broadbeach, a suburb in the City of Gold Coast. The spot is a surfer’s paradise. His plan was to study journalism at a university in the land down under, however, after four months of living there - mostly surfing, having fun and not attending very many classes - he headed home to San Clemente where his parents, Jason and Theresa were living.

Upon returning home, he began working odd jobs, saving his money and learning to play the guitar. He took a few lessons and met his friend, Aaron, another young musician and guitar player. In a dream one night, Dylan heard the melody for a song. Jotting it down, he then wrote the lyrics for the hook of the song, ‘Dust of Love.’ He, Aaron and another friend, Joey, (who he met through Aaron at a BBQ) began writing more lyrics together, and realizing his passion for writing music Dylan was on the way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a big-time musician. Joey, who was DYLVN’s original producer, is still working with him today.

In January 2020 Dylan took money saved from his investments and rented an Airbnb in Joshua Tree for two weeks. He and friends, Joey, Brooke and Aaron spent 12 days and nights creating an album of their songs. Another friend joined the group in Joshua Tree filming the video for ‘Queen of Love.’ It was a wonderful experience helping to launch his career forward.

On August 19, 2021, the day before his first album ‘Falling Far from Home’ dropped, DYLVN and his band played their first concert at the La Ventura Event Center in San Clemente. It was a fantastic experience for him and the band. They played the whole first album and covered ‘First Date’ by blink 182. Friends and family offered support, cheering for the group of young musicians. Staying local they also played at the Casa del Camino concert series in Laguna Beach and last September they performed to a standing room only crowd at Landers in North Beach. They performed several new songs that night for a total of 13 songs. 

DYLVN is very grateful for the support from all his friends and especially his parents as he has been making his debut into the professional musical realm the last three years. He is also appreciative of the local venues’ support in hiring him and his band to put on concerts. He recently shot a music video for his song, ‘Johnny D’ at The Lost Inferno. The song has some references to Johnny D (Johnny Depp) and Captain Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean). He loves that the bar at Lost Inferno highlights the movie ‘The Goonies’ as it is one of his favorites and has the pirate motif. He knew he had to shoot the video there. Leonard Chan and staff were very accommodating allowing the band to fulfill their vision for the video in the pirate themed ‘cave’ area. He is very thankful for their support, and he added that the drinks at that venue are “insane!”

Lagestee has been traveling back and forth to LA and New York working with different producers. He is excited and happy to be meeting so many amazing and talented people who are helping him to evolve as a musician. His manager is working with him to build his brand and his good friend, John Samuel has been helping him create a new EP, ‘Tell Your Stories;’ a self-revealing project that is in the process of being released soon.

This is DYLVN’s website lists him as an alternative/indie artist. This writer told him he sounds a little bit like Ed Sheeran, which luckily, he took as a compliment. Several of his songs and videos are available for listening and viewing on the website or on Spotify. Videos can also be seen on YouTube. Fans and friends can follow him on Spotify or on Instagram @thisisdylvn.

Although keeping busy with all his drives back and forth to LA and his trips to New York pursuing his passion to become a “rock star,” Dylan also enjoys surfing, the beach, camping, basketball, working out regularly with his Mission Viejo trainer, running, eating out, traveling and drinking mimosas. A polite, engaging and friendly young man, this young SoCal musician is wished the best of luck with his foray into the world of music.