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Unsung Studio

Jun 13, 2023 10:44AM ● By Nina Welch

Andy Boice and William Scott.

by Nina Welch

Andy Boice and William Scott are the co-owners and creative talent of Unsung Studio, a small creative agency at 100 S. Ola Vista, Suite B. Their collaboration started in Andy’s apartment on Monterey in 2018. Both business owners worked remotely with clients at Andy’s pad until they realized customers wouldn’t appreciate conducting business in someone’s living room. 
  As fate would have it, their search for a new spot led them to a space above H.H. Cotton’s right in the hub of downtown. They used their sweat and skills to refurbish the space, tearing out walls and adding new floors, decorating the studio in a vintage and old-school advertising vibe.
  The duo’s background and training are similar. With college degrees in design, they each worked in and out of agencies in Seattle in their twenties. Although both started careers in Seattle, they didn’t meet until they ended up in San Clemente working at the business park. They did design work together there and established an instant camaraderie. After leaving that company to go to bigger agencies, they eventually opened their own studio.
  What happens at Unsung Studio? According to Will, part of the creative experience is for people to come in and collaborate with them in a freestyle way. He refers to it as sort of a human experience in a digital world. Instead of just a tagline, they create a persona for each particular brand. Andy cited a good example, which is Station Craft Brewery in Dana Point’s Lantern District. A brand foundation for the restaurant included logo, messaging, print collateral, signage and website. In fact, they received an ADDY (American Advertising Award) for the restaurant’s brand identity.

  As an artist, Andy likes to bring things to life. He does illustrations, painting, and screen printing. He also has a booth at the Redo Vintage and Maker’s Market in Dana Point every year. Will is an avid skateboarder, thrill-seeker, and risk-taker. Of course, according to Will, starting a business is a big risk. Their support system consists of Andy’s fiancé, Farah, his dad, Bob, Will’s girlfriend, Bria, and the shop dogs, Maple and Elliot. 

  Both Andy and Will are passionate about San Clemente with its organic feel of authenticity. They would like the downtown community to know that they can rebrand and refresh any collateral they might have, create an online presence, or enhance a storefront. “Come in and chat, bring ideas, but you must like dogs,” is their plea.

  In running their own business, they both aspire to what they call a skateboard philosophy. You fall over and over, get back up, break a leg, or skin a knee, but keep on going. Doing something over and over and sometimes failing but getting back up is the reward.