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San Clemente's Mixologist Contest 2022

Mar 25, 2022 08:56PM ● By Don Kindred
Mixology Competition 2022 [26 Images] Click Any Image To Expand
Ole’s Tavern won for:
1. Judges’ Choice “Best Tasting Drink” 
2. Judges’ Choice “Best Presentation” - overall aesthetic appeal of drink
3. People’s Choice award, based on best flavor 
Main Bar Tender: April Hey “Tank”
Additional Bar Tender: Elysia Moon
Drink Name: Dark Hearts
 Outrigger Tavern won for 
Best Team Spirit Award 
Main Bar Tender: Megan Yaklyvich
Additional Bar Tender: Brittany Scullion
Drink Name: Rosemary Smash
Judges were:


Gene James 
City of San Clemente Mayor
Jonathan Lightfoot
City of San Clemente Economic Development Officer
Ricky Rodriguez
San Clemente Chamber of Commerce / Chairman of the Board
Vickie McMurchie
Dana Point Chamber of Commerce / Executive Director
Jamie Johnson
Collective Energy Center / Owner


Antoine's Cafe

Main Bar Tender: Kaly Abelsen

Additional Bar Tender: Krista Zemke

Additional Bar Tender: David Henninger

Drink Name: Crème D’Orange

Cafe Mimosa

Main Bar Tender: Antoine Price

Additional Bar Tender:

Drink Name: Elderberry Mimosa

Inka Mama's San Clemente

Main Bar Tender: Jordan Gutierrez

Additional Bar Tender: Parker Christian

Drink Name: Mama Diablo

Landers San Clemente

Main Bar Tender: Isle Anderson

Additional Bar Tender: Jeff Wiant

Drink Name: Desert Rose

OC Tavern

Main Bar Tender: Amanda Chislock

Additional Bar Tender: Hannah Viola

Additional Bar Tender: Sarah Corillo

Drink Name: The Tavendar

Two Guests: Gannan Eck & Holly Lawrence

Contact # (949) 542-8877 (949) 391-5911 Cell


Main Bar Tender: April Hey “Tank”

Additional Bar Tender: Elysia Moon

Drink Name: Dark Hearts

Outrigger Tavern

Main Bar Tender: Megan Yaklyvich

Additional Bar Tender: Brittany Scullion

Drink Name: Rosemary Smash

Our Place an American BistroMain Bar Tender: Lisa McKeekin

Additional Bar Tender: Monique Rowe

Drink Name: Flying Grizzly

Red Fox Lounge

Main Bar Tender: Sally Daniel

Additional Bar Tender: Kayla Price

Additional Bar Tender: Cynthia Merrifield

Drink Name: San Clemente Sunset (SCS)


Main Bar Tender: Matt Handy

Additional Bar Tender: Cody Bucholz

Drink Name: Riviera Sunset

The Local

Rep #: 2

Main Bar Tender: Frankie Tombini

Additional Bar Tender: Hooman Mofidi

Drink Name: Avalon

Two Guests: Simin Mofidi & Hossein Mofidi

Contact # (949) 291-2373 Cell