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San Clemente Journal

Adventurer Roy Gonzalez, Bringing His Creations Home

Feb 19, 2022 08:21AM ● By Katie Arons
by Katie Arons

For over forty years San Clemente artist Roy Gonzalez has created some of the most definitive and recognizable images of the surf, the sub-culture, and the music industries. 


A surf artist who lives an authentic life, often off the grid surfing and creating in far off beaches around the globe, the enigmatic Gonzalez has returned to his San Clemente home with new art collections, an autobiography, an animation series in development and a new retail brand, Gonzalez Artz.

Inspired by the craziness of the pandemic, Gonzalez has created two new art collections that are poignant, beautiful, and humorous. “2020” is a collection that reflects good vs evil with a message of hope. While his Great Awakening series is a satirical take on controversial subjects reflecting a stirring perspective of today’s pandemic fueled, information overloaded world.  

A natural storyteller with a life full of wild adventures, Gonzalez’s “artobiography,” Roy’s Real Tales, takes readers on a fun, honest and often unbelievable ride through the life of a counter-culture surfing artist icon. Originally self-published in 2009 and currently revised as an autobiographic blog, Roy’s Real Tales has been reviewed as a modern-day Kerouac’s 
On the Road with pictures. Nostalgic stories abound as Gonzalez chronicles growing up surfing, skating and partying in the golden days of San Clemente.

Art collections and Roy’s Real Tales can be seen online at