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Wanna Make a Splash! Card My Yard.

Jun 21, 2021 11:32AM ● By Rebecca Parsons
by Rebecca Parsons

Card My Yard was founded in Austin, Texas in 2014. It began with a simple “BOO!” sign to help spread holiday cheer during Halloween and quickly expanded into a booming business. Today, the company has 380 franchises throughout the United States and offers yard sign rentals to celebrate every occasion. We caught up with Shannon Meairs Coleman, owner of the San Clemente branch, to learn what the company is all about. 

What is Card My Yard’s mission?
We are about celebrating in community and helping people create memorable milestone moments. As the premier yard sign rental company, our goal is to help people celebrate birthdays, milestones, special occasions, and holidays by offering full-service, personalized yard signs and graphics.

What services do you offer?
We deliver, set up, and pick up all greetings. If you have a small yard, AstroTurf, no yard, or want an indoor setup, we offer specialized stands to hold the signs.

How does it work? 
Customers visit and enter their delivery address and date of event. Then, they choose from a menu of options such as ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Say Anything,’ ‘Congrats,’ etc. They can customize the message, choose fonts, colors, and graphics as well as give us any additional info about the event or recipient. 

Our goal is to personalize the greeting as much as possible, so the more info we can get about the event or recipient, the better. We also offer add-ons such as giant picture frames for photo ops, accent lighting and supersized graphics. We encourage customers to place their order at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure availability. 

 Do customers get to keep the greeting?
Customers rent the greeting for their special occasion. As part of our service, Card My Yard delivers, installs, and picks up the greeting at the end of the rental period, which is typically 24-48 hours.

What types of events/celebrations do you cater to?
Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, gender reveals, college announcements, promposals, open houses, grand openings, sweet 16’s, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, back to school, welcome home, teacher appreciation, healthcare heroes, youth sports, college send offs, major accomplishments and more! It doesn't even need to be an event-if a customer wants to send a ‘Thank You,’ ‘Thinking of You,’ ‘I Love You,’ or ‘Miss You,’ we’ll do it!

Why do you do what you do?
I love stories and I love being a part of someone’s story. When someone orders a sign, I don’t just see an order, I see a story-a story set in motion long before I come on board. A story filled with success, hardship, heartbreak, perseverance and triumph. I consider it a privilege to help celebrate this significant piece of the story, whether it is an Adoption, Graduation, last day of chemo, Happy 18,250 Days (50th birthday), Welcome Home, or Sweet 16 in quarantine; it’s a story in which I’ve been invited to make the moment memorable. 


What has the reaction/feedback been like?
It’s been overwhelming to hear the positive impact these signs have made. The signs are so colorful and happy; you can’t help but smile when you see one. I’ve been told it warms people's hearts to see this kind of encouragement all over town. It’s such a simple concept but it goes to show we can never underestimate the power of showing up. A colorful, encouraging message may be exactly what someone needs to shift his or her perspective. 

When did you first come to San Clemente?
I was born and raised in San Clemente but I've spent the last seven years in Texas. The yard sign industry is huge in Texas with local companies popping up all the time. From a customer perspective, I always felt Card My Yard was uniquely set apart and in a different tier in terms of quality. Their signs had a ‘wow’ factor in terms of size, quality, font, graphics and style. I had been a frequent customer of Card My Yard in Texas and loved how much joy the signs not only brought me, but the recipient and the greater community. I moved back to San Clemente last year and had the hardest time finding a yard sign company that was as impressive, consistent, and beautiful as Card My Yard. I decided San Clemente needed the joy that Card My Yard offered and I would be the one to bring it!


What do you envision for the future of the company?
I think we all could use a little more joy in our lives and my hope is that Card My Yard creates a lasting positive impact and encourages others to spread joy. We plan to continue innovating on our concept and add more specialized inventory in the future.

Anything else?
We’d like to offer a coupon for all readers of the San Clemente Journal. 
Use promo code SCJOURNAL10 for $10 off your order.
Information:  Shannon Meairs Coleman 949-230-9694 [email protected]