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Sweeet Repeeet Consignment

Kimberly Anderson, owner of Sweeet Repeeet Consignment.

During the COVID-19 closure, how does one keep their business open and running when all businesses are forced to shut down? This challenging question kept Kimberly Anderson – owner of Sweeet Repeeet Consignment – brainstorming creative ways to keep her “Open” sign on in her front store window. 

To maintain social distancing for customers and consignors, Kimberly quickly organized private in-store one-hour appointment slots for shopping. The time-slots quickly booked full and each hour a customer enjoyed shopping alone or with a single friend or family member in a clean, safe environment; allowing for some normalcy in the chaos and uncertainty of COVID.

Ten Years and Counting 
Sweeet Repeeet Consignment (SRC) will celebrate ten years in business in San Clemente this October. Over the decade, Kimberly has met and dressed women from all over the world and helped her consignors earn cash by selling their high-end apparel for a commission. Sweeet Repeeet Consignment pays 60-70% on fashions sold over $600 and 40% on all other items. SRC helps take the stress and hassle out of selling items online and provides consignors more money than exchange stores. 

After years as a Personal Shopper with Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, she found her passion: helping women dress on a budget yet look like they paid full retail. Kimberly is a trusted authority on selling authentic handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and fashionable items, both in-store and online for her customers.  

What initially started as a business model to help women sell their new or gently worn high-end clothes and accessories and help dress women on a budget, quickly became a treasure trove of amazing merchandise as well as a welcoming haven for chatting with old friends and creating new ones. The store has expanded its community outreach with an annual Big Bag Sale that supports local non-profits like Laura’s House, along with seasonal in-store fashion shows. Additionally she offers educational in-store classes and seminars, consignment shopping trips to Italy and supports other women-owned business through networking venues. 

Upon opening her store, Kimberly’s awareness of the devastating effects Fast Fashion has on the environment and women laborers across the globe increased. Her knowledge of Fast Fashion has motivated her to inform women that the eco and humanitarian benefits of purchasing resale clothing far outweighs buying new clothes from big-chain retailers. Because landfills are overloaded with throw-away clothing and textiles, Kimberly believes that shopping resale/consignment is one step toward preserving our earth and bettering the lives of overseas laborers, and she says it is easy and fun to do. 

When Kimberly opened her store on El Camino Real in 2011 it was during somewhat difficult times, as people were still struggling from the 2008/09 real estate fall out. Now in 2019/20 with Covid-19, Kimberly remains positive knowing she helps SRC’s over 4,000 consignors make a few extra dollars by selling their fashions through these troubling times. When you visit Sweeet Repeeet Consignment, look for Lane the store manager or Kaleigh, Kimberly’s daughter to greet you. Store hours during Covid-19 are Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm. By shopping at Sweeet Repeeet you help a consignor, a small business owner, and the world. Stop by to find the perfect outfit or to shop just because it makes you happy! 

538 N El Camino Real, San Clemente· (949) 429-3100