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San Clemente Journal

Falling into the Holidays

Jan 06, 2020 08:42AM ● By Don Kindred
October is mostly peaceful in our village, politics aside.

The back-to-school thing has generally hit its pattern by then and the holidays haven’t kicked in yet. The sun sets a bit farther to the south,  offering the pierbowl those deep tangerine skyscapes that seem to drape themselves just behind the Pacific.

It is a beautiful time here. I know that soon the mornings will creep colder. Fall will become winter. And the spirit of Christmas will no doubt find me. But this year, when it’s 80 degrees at the beach and half the state is on fire. The sound of sleigh bells seems very far away.

Yet, as we go to press and the Journal comes to the end of another year. I would like to thank you for reading our publication and to offer wishes for a happy and productive 2020.

My son had recently sent me a story idea he had once for a children’s book. We bounced a few thoughts back and forth and got philosophical about the lessons parents need to teach their children, what they should try to find as they walked their path. When distilled to the basics,
I realized it’s not just a message for kids.

The Quest
find knowledge, to fill your curious mind
find strength, and a mission to challenge it
find joy, that makes you laugh uncontrollably 
find beauty, in the things that surround you
find love, true and deep and real
find home, filled with a family
find peace, and practice it often
find God, and the faith to believe
... and find pride, in how you have lived.

Cherish your Holidays and make the most of next year.

Don Kindred