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San Clemente Journal

San Clemente by Rocco Colapinto

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San Clemente by Rocco Colapinto

 When we woke up today, it was still dark outside,

My girl and I jumped into the car and we took a ride.


We drove to the beach, and walked on the San Clemente pier,

We felt the mist from the ocean and the sky was now clear.


The fisherman were on the rail, casting their line,

We walked on the planks and everything was devine.


At the end of the pier we sat for a while,

My girl looked at me and started to smile.


I said to her, we are now  in for a surprise,

Out in the distance, the sun started to rise.


We saw the surfers as they rode the wave,

The pigeons in the water, starting to bathe.  


What a wonderful way to start the day,

Living life to the fullest, the San Clemente way.

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