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San Clemente Journal

The Sea, Her Existence by Nina Welch

Jan 02, 2020 10:44AM ● By Nina Welch

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The Sea, Her Existence by Nina Welch

Its high tide and the sea birds cry
louds are white and high,
he airplane and the gull
comment on the weather.

Surfer in a black wetsuit
grabs her board, trots
past a little girl who found
a heart rock.

Drops under a giant
wave to the other side.
Paddles out beyond the set,
tiny sail shivering on the horizon.

Her muscled arms move in
a tired dance. Seal Rock. 
Sits on her board, swirls the
water with her fingers.

Sun on her face,
jellyfish the size of sequins
on her arms.
Poised between air and water,
the shallows and the void.

Light and light and water,
slivers of patterns.
The air is clear, fish
are her cousins.

The sea, her existence.