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A Childs Eyes by Michael Bedol

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A Childs Eyes by Michael Bedol

A child cries..just lies..teach them love..not to hate..soon..can reach..gods given fate..forgiveness comes..with many masks..some will bury..ignore true facts..let it go..or look away..then never know..hearts beat as one..until there's two..some can choose..though most..can't do..true rare..yet always there..some can blind..others view..just because..they can..and do..only love..can conquer hate..though seems..just to now one..sits upon a throne.. now to judge..who could of known..silence empty peace..leaves just hate.. so love will cease..its now the case..with her beauty..yet..worn out face..with each one can like a child..who knows no hate..learn to love..fullfill gods fate..a curtain was shut closed..forever be exposed..time now much went listen closely..and hear its cries..a child cant hate..can never lie..take these steps..amongst your walk..singing birds..a threatening longer cry..or just hide..look within..what's inside..for a a child..all hate..again we'll meet..and fulfill..our given fate..
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