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San Clemente Journal

alone in the garden by frances klocke fullwood

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alone in the garden by frances klocke fullwood


i awoke and found myself in the garden –


where were the irises?

where were the daffodils

and all the other flowers that bloom in spring?

had they all come and gone?

was i too late?

had i missed the season?

why was i here alone?

was i planted too late

   and now destined to live out my short existence alone?

these were the thoughts that swirled through me.

i was afraid.

time passed.

and then one day,

. . . and the sun was shining,

before i had time to wilt and die,

i saw the earth crack and break open before me,

and up through the ground a miracle arose

and did grow and grow

until it reached my own great height

and smiled and called to me

“here i am . . .

i knew you were waiting.”