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Again You're Life Has Just Begun by Elizabeth Doyle

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Again You're Life Has Just Begun by Elizabeth Doyle

Alone you met the world when young,
She wanted to follow, to you she clung,
You both had courage to face the unknown,
Together - not alone.

Being married was the best thing on earth,
But real happiness came both times she gave birth,
A good man, a good father and a good provider,
As a husband, you'd stand beside her.

A success in your profession; you did not fail,
Unaware of what it would soon entail...
To the bar, you needed no guide,
The only need came from inside.

The party went had no end,
Dollar after dollar for drinks you'd both spend,
Alone once again, no home, child or wife,
Now what's to happen in your life?

I began to love you, even gave it time,
But our "friends" made us feel like it was a crime.

Dawn of each day to you seemed brightening,
With a bottle of what you called white lightening,
My love for you was growing strong,
Ignoring the addiction you could prolong.

The doctors warned you about your health,
A thing that couldn't be bought with wealth,
Realizing then that they were right,
That ol' bottle was nowhere in sight.

After looking around with a lift of your chin, friends, no family, not even your twin.

Then summer fun was to be had,
We both enjoyed it, I might add.
You kept your promise and became employed,
Happy you had found what you enjoyed.

For once you wanted to do things right,
At last the future looked sunny and bright.

(Suddenly) it came to a head and burst,
...the big urge with the terrible thirst,
With you there were no playmates, no fun,
The number in that party was only one.

This time you'd overcome it or lose,
Success again!  You don't need that booze,
Now that you have the battle won,
Again, your life has just begun.

Your job is like a brand new toy,
Cheerful and amusing, you inspire joy,
You rehearse long hours, six days a week,
It's not just the work; it's the stardom you seek.

With your careful plotting, the stage is all set;
Your audience is captured, they'll never forget!