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San Clemente Journal

Walking by the Sea by Diane Gallegos

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Walking by the Sea by Diane Gallegos

Walking in the sand by the
seashore I can see just how
little I command when walking 
in the sand.

Oh what peace I find here.
As I walk by the seashore.
feeling the sands beneath my

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to
wake up each morning and step
out in the sand.

I sit here like a child at
play, With no place to hurry
off to today. Only if I could!

Like sand in an hour glass;
the sand reminds me that time
is running out.
Maybe that’s why I feel so
peaceful, and so
insignificant, walking by the 

I see old folks walking here.
I hope when I’m there age,
I’ll be able to walk by the 

Maybe only in memory will I 
walk here someday. Today I
pray that day will not come.
But if it does, May my memory
serve me as well, That I will see 
the waves as high as they are 

Feel the wet sand as cool as 
it is, under my feet today.
the sun as warm as it is
today. The breeze as fresh as 
it blows againswt my face
today. Walking by the 
seashore, walking in the sand.