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San Clemente Journal

Mariner by Jane Gragg Lewis

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by Jane Gragg Lewis


Atop a barnacled piling,

balanced on leathery charcoal boots.

Soulful eyes under

saffron-dusted cap.

Suited up in rusty-edged feathers

of muted metal, cocoa.


Rising in flight,

a prehistoric grace.

Arched wings, perfect formation.


4-Ship skimming crowns of waves,

navigating coastal airways.

Squadron of opportunists

 pursuing fishing boats

in and out of harbors.


Buoyant Flotilla,

bobbing serenely over swells

waiting with the calm of a holy being.


Clever magician

with wings artfully folded

sleight of swooping nosedive

surprised fish in creamy pouch,

pendulous beneath dark, rosy-tinged sword


Sage of the abundant blue

Bard of the pier

Lyricist of the wind


My soulful seafarer