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San Clemente Journal

Blue Too by John Perry

Dec 06, 2019 02:58PM ● By Don Kindred

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Blue Too

 I woke to the sun pushing light

through the weave of smoky-blue curtains.

Put on my blue long sleeved tee-shirt,

the soft one you loved to wear,


when you wore nothing else.

Pulled on faded blue jeans

and those sneakers you like,

the ones with bright blue trim.


I tried to get as close to you

as blue clothes would allow.

Wear your smell like a blue tattoo

because tattoos last forever.


Just walked out my blue door,

followed the pale blue sky

down a street called Camino Azul,

to the café we found on our last walk.


The one with Breakfast Served All Day

pressed against the window glass

and a sign that says: World’s Best Blueberry Pancakes

The only kind I can eat when thinking of you.