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Ode to the hosel-rocket (shank) by Don Echelberger

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Ode to the hosel-rocket (shank)  

by Don Echelberger

The ball goes sideways, never intended

The lateral push has my game rear-ended

The mind broken and needs to be mended

From out of nowhere the jabs and stabs kept on coming

The bogies and higher were becoming mind numbing

Confidence in my wedge is severely distorted

Putting through tangley rough, has been reported

Till finally I knew a fix must be found

Something that’s easy and basically sound

Now short of the green by one yard or sixty

I approach each shot with two clubs in my hands and a smile in my voice

My wedge is for show, the putter’s my choice

The Golf Devil

Webster’s unabridged definition;

S   Should have putted

H   hell invented the wedge

A   angle of destruction carries a wedge

N  nerves of steel required for its use

K  King, all hale “King Putter”

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