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Stepping It Up - The New Triton Times

Mar 01, 2019 12:22PM ● By Donia Moore

The students behind the Times, the High School Newspaper.

by Donia Moore

San Clemente High School’s Triton Times is no spring chicken. It has been around for over 50 years in some form or another. Matt Miller, its present advisor, believes that a new transition into a magazine-type format is the next step.

Like our current society, the Triton Times articles have become more edgy, and more aware. Student news and trends rub shoulders with savvy political commentary, and the politics of Climate Change are on students’ minds as much as the Winter Dance Showcase. 
Mr. Miller - Advisor


Meet the Staff
Matt Miller took over the Triton in its current newspaper form just a little over five-years-ago. His first step was to re-brand it from its more traditional school student newspaper to its current look, which is a cross between the newspaper it was and the magazine it plans to be. A 2005 SCHS grad himself, Matt Miller went on to UC Davis to earn a degree in English, while working as a staff member of the California Aggie (the daily campus newspaper). Matt currently teaches English at SCHS, as well as coaching varsity girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams. He and his wife Amelia have one Chihuahua and two turtles together.

Matt’s enthusiastic Editorial team includes:
Editor in Chief - Flynn Lloyd. Whatsup! Flynn is a senior at SCHS and this is her second year writing for the school newspaper. She’s very excited to continue her involvement around campus and lead the editorial staff. Flynn participates in many activities on campus and is president of an environmental club on campus called Team Zissou. She joined the newspaper to further her skills in writing and journalism. Since then, she has discovered her passion for both and wants to have a positive role in her school community and in its relationship with their publication. After high school, Flynn hopes to attend a four year college where she can continue to express herself and make positive changes in the world around her. She is an advocate of all things peanut butter, traveling to new places, and spending too much money on clothes. As Jason Keany, a close comrade, would say “Go Team!”

Jason Keany - Editor in Chief

 Editor in Chief - Jason Keany is entering his second year at the acclaimed publication. In his senior year at SCHS, he plans to create a lasting impression on the program with the implementation of the Triton Times Media Group, a branch dedicated to the creation of weekly broadcasts for the student body. As an Adobe CC professional, Jason constantly finds himself photo-shopping their great leader, Mr. Miller, in pictures with his siblings, the Property Brothers, while also enjoying a daily coffee dosage along with a Kyle Mooney sketch on SNL. As a self-proclaimed pineapple artist, Keany is a young creative making the next big thing. As his close comrade Flynn Lloyd, would say “More better things, and that.”

Editor in Chief - Julia Wengier is a junior who recently moved to San Clemente from South Florida. This is her first year writing for the Triton Times, but her second year writing for a school newspaper. Julia plays the flute with the school marching band and tutors math after school. She enjoys going to the beach and to Disneyland in her free time. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats and one dog. Julia hopes to add her unique perspective to the publication, and is excited for the school year.

News Editor - Lucy Terry is 16-years-old and a senior at SCHS. In her free time, she loves playing soccer, reading, or hanging out with her friends. Spending time with her dog, drinking coffee, and going to the beach with pals always brings her joy. She loves to travel, and Seattle is her favorite place to visit. This summer she traveled to Washington, D.C., where she enjoyed all the monuments and historical sites. This is her second year writing for the school newspaper. She joined the staff not only to involve herself in school activities, but to enhance her journalism skills and become a better writer. Plus, “it’s such a fun class!”

News Editor - Senior Savi Raghuraman is serving the Triton Times as an editor for her second year. Last year, Savi held the position of Student Life Editor, working with newspaper writers to improve their articles while publishing a wide variety of content herself. In Savi’s free time, she likes to plan her future travels, play the piano, and spend time with her dog. She’s always looking forward to reaching her dream of attending the University of British Columbia and becoming a doctor.

A & E Editor - Emily Eberhart is entering her senior year at SCHS. Her favorite past time is watching the Saturday Night Live clips featuring Kyle Mooney that editor in chief Jason Keany sends her on a nightly basis

News Editor -Peyton Nicole Gadbury was born at six pounds, nine ounces on September 11, 2000. She came into the world laughing; sort of, She’s a renowned Guitar Hero Champion who can quote any vine from 2012 flawlessly. Now entering her senior year, she’s working on developing a taste for the finer things in life, like brussel sprouts.
Student Life Editor - Matt Farrow is a senior at San Clemente High School. Matt has been investing since he was 11-years-old and this is his third year as the president of the Investment Club. This year he will be covering the various developments of the business world. 

Student Life Editor - Courtney McDonald is a senior at SCHS, and it is her second year on the Triton Times team. She’s the “grandma” of the Jeep community here at SCHS, due to the low shocks in her car. She’ll be nice to you if you need anything, so just ask her. She plays basketball, and probably has a basketball game scheduled soon. 

Sports Editor - Julia Wilson is a Junior at SCHS and this is her first year in newspaper. She has been a member of the girl’s varsity volleyball team at the high school since she was a sophomore, and she continues to enjoy playing the sport with all her closest friends.
Sports Editor/Media Team Senior Brayden Young is a critical analyst, critical to the success of the Triton Times. He is a leader on and off the football team and is going to give a new life to Times.

The publication’s “working” staff includes writers Lexi Kortman; Jake Carrera; Evan Dillbeck; Sam Giacobello; Sofia Helmle; Abigail Calandra; Francesca Best; Hannah Farnsworth; and Eva Barreira. The photography staff includes: Ethan Jolly; Samantha Gill; Amanda Cichewicz; Gabe Govi; Reid Corley; Oyuky Bahena; Lang Csira; Aubrey Johnston; Carl Lawrence; Sydney Donovan; Adeeb Bayat;  and Jorjiana Houmea.

Next time you’re on campus stop by the school office and ask to see a copy of the Triton Times. The popular newspaper-magazine doesn’t last long once it’s published. And if you have a business in town and might want to support this budding team of journalists, be sure and contact Matt Miller online and ask him about advertising opportunities.b