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Flowers and Art at San Clemente Florist

Mar 01, 2019 11:50AM ● By Nina Welch

Kirsten Proctor, owner of San Clemente Florist, is originally from Loch Lomond, Scotland.

by Nina Welch

Kirsten Proctor, owner of San Clemente Florist, is originally from Loch Lomond, Scotland where she earned a Biology degree and was in clinical research. She and her family moved to the United States 19-years-ago, then to Clemente six-years-ago from Ladera Ranch.

They fell in love with the city when son, Justin, competed on a San Clemente rugby team. And when daughter, Nicole, moved to San Francisco and Justin went off to Cal Poly as a Biology major, Kirsten realized her dream of a flower shop on Del Mar.
With the kids grown and her husband a San Clemente High School rugby coach, Kirsten immersed herself in flowers and retail. Running a flower shop involves early morning drives to the flower and plant marts in Leucadia, and flower deliveries and pick-ups are a constant for the store. (According to Kirsten, a pick-up is a person who comes in to order an arrangement on the spot).  

Her love is showing flowers that are in season and she’s influenced by her British background. Customers have been known to pick flowers for their own bouquets directly from the cooler and children can pick a flower or two for their mothers. 
“I like to arrange flowers as if picked from a garden and wrap them in brown paper and brown string,” says Kirsten.

She is pleased that the store has evolved into supporting artists by presenting unique art. A new hand-crafted item can be found in her store each week. The varied selection includes leather goods by SANKAT, ceramic wares and decorative pillows made from reclaimed material. “Groundbreaking Girls,” by Allison Adams, features painted portraits of the heroines of history, such as Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Frida Khalo, Anne Frank, and many others. On the front side is the portrait and on the backside is a short biography and an inspirational quote.  

There’s also a ukulele connection with the flower shop. Kirsten’s mom, Brenda Walsh, an avid ukulele player and singer, visits from Scotland every year. She was introduced to the ukulele club at Café Calypso by her son-in-law. The Proctor’s neighbor and member of the club, Jerry Weeks, drove Brenda to the lively sessions three times a week. She was welcomed and joined right in with her deft playing and beautiful voice. 

“She is a doll with the sweetest voice,” says uke player and club member Emilie.

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