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Social Butterfly - Beautique-by-the-Sea

Nov 28, 2017 10:58AM ● By Shelle Sandberg

Tastefully decorated reception area.

by Shelle Sandberg

Christi Genovese has been a long time resident of San Clemente but Social Butterfly Beautique is a welcome new addition. It describes the owner perfectly! Christi opened this whimsical day spa for skin and body treatments on June 12, 2017, and hasn’t had a moment to look back.

She previously owned a hair salon in town, but her passion and focus has always been on beautiful, healthy skin. After realizing Botox and fillers are a quick fix and not long lasting, she was intent on offering an alternative to the Orange County norm. She’s proving that incredible results can be achieved through LED medical light treatments, skin care lines developed locally by doctors, and her one-of-a-kind Cryo Fire & Ice facial.

The best part of opening Social Butterfly Beautique is that it allows her to find her purpose, as well as establish the personal connections she has with each of her clients. The two and a half hours it takes to experience the three treatments (the Trifecta) forms a bond between ‘pamperer and pamperee,’ and it’s a close one. The heart-felt conversations are intimate, endearing and trusting as well as educational. A really great client who’s fun to work with is one who’s open minded and willing to try the Beautique’s alternative methods to injections, lasers and plastic surgery.

Genovese makes people feel welcome and comfortable, then loved and adored.  She is effervescent and genuine … a breath of fresh air! She makes this happen by really listening and connecting with each client, and feels blessed to be able to inspire that type of trust with each woman.  

She is overwhelmed at the support she’s had in the community to open the Beautique. Her mother helped decorate the spa to be reminiscent of the lovely blue bedroom Christi cherished as a fourteen-year-old. Also extremely supportive were three dear girlfriends, Shelly Kindred of the San Clemente Journal, Mary Lee Wood of Salon Incognito, and Terri Hendrickson of Salon Bamboo. They all told her, “Go for it! You’ve got this!”

Christi is highly intuitive and listens closely to her still small voice which leads and directs her in her decisions, whether personal or professional. She believes this permits her to meet new people and be a light to other women, bringing her word of mouth clients. She speaks of them as ‘blessings’ rather than referrals.

Genovese views older women as a wealth of wisdom; she loves listening and connecting, involving herself in their thoughts, needs and visions. She feels these women are often self-conscious, and fail to give themselves credit for their glowing skin and natural beauty through the aging process. She’s sure the results of these treatments will provide this elusive confidence.
Operating from a state of grace, gratitude and total humility, she maintains a fun if not childlike sweetness. 

When asked who her most inspirational beauty icon is Genovese’s answer was immediate, “That is very easy- Barbara Eden! I Dream of Jeannie!” She’s thrilled when asked if she’s related to the actress and has even portrayed Jeannie for Halloween.

Her other inspiration is her mother. Describing her as beautiful, thoughtful, strong, spiritual and loving, it’s wonderful to hear the bond and admiration voiced. It seems that wonderful, strong women tend to raise wonderful, strong women.

Social Butterfly has turned out to be more satisfying than Christi first thought possible. It has allowed her to find her passion, educating women about skincare, while indulging her other passion, pampering, spoiling, loving and blessing these same ladies. It’s a win/win for everyone who crosses the threshold.

Genovese says her idea of a perfect day is, “… being swamped from beginning to end, having these women happy, and booking their next appointment. Having them hang out in their robe feeling comfortable, safe and loved … just enjoying being here.” For her, it’s imperative that everyone leaves feeling great!

Social Butterfly Beautique caters to special events: bridal shower parties, birthdays, any and all celebrations. Wine/champagne, cheese & crackers can be customized for your special occasion.
Gentlemen will find what their sweetheart would love for the holidays there, and ladies, don’t be shy about dropping hints! You might want to tear out this page and put it in his golf bag, glove compartment, or under his dinner plate the night you cook his favorite meal!
Cryo "Fire & Ice" Facial


Cryo “Fire & Ice” Facial
The "Fire" aspect to this facial is from a unique Serum thats filled with Vitamins, Nutrients, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, and Peptides that your skin is naturally deprived of. This Serum will fire up your facial nerve endings causing a warm, tingling sensation from a niacin blend included in product. Opening your pores, allowing the missing nutrients to penetrate your skin and stimulate your collagen.

The "Ice" part of this facial is the actual Cryogenic treatment which is -162 degrees (cold),  which will calm the warm sensation and causing your skin to contractpores to while shrinking your pores. This activates your own Sirtuin, anti-aging gene. The result will smooth the fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin feeling and looking healthier with a "Youthful, Radiant Glow."

Contour Body Light

 Contour Body Light
This amazing new light has the latest in advanced technology including a trio of powerful Infrared, Red and Near infrared lights for contouring the body. This light is the latest advanced non-invasive light that encourages unwanted inches to melt and help contour your waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and arms. It also tones, tightens, smooths and brightens your face, neck and décolleté all at the same time while relaxing under the warm light. This light also has numerous other health benefits. This service along with the Fit Wrap after is our most popular combo.

Fit Body Wrap

 Fit Body Wrap
Come experience the #1 leading infrared body wrap for one hour and relax while watching Neftgil or listening to music. This wrap promotes weight loss and caloric burning, as well as detoxification and can also relieve pain. This military grade body wrap penetrates 1.5 inches below your water weight and flushes out unwanted toxins and increases your blood flow by adding more circulation. You will absolutely love how you feel after experiencing the Fit Wrap!
Visit the Beautique’s website:

(949) 633-1567.