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San Clemente Rocks

Nov 20, 2017 08:45PM ● By Briana Denney
by Briana Denney

We all know that San Clemente rocks, right? We feel privileged to live here in this unique and beloved Spanish Village by the Sea. But even this lovely town is full of the ups and downs we call life. From rants about traffic and encampments on San Clemente Life, to every unimaginable hardcore life situation, we deal with it all. Sometimes we all just want to be reminded that there is still good in the world, and that there are people out there that care. Well, San Clemente just received a significant contribution to supporting one’s desire for friendship and inspiration, and it’s right under everybody’s nose.

In January of this year, a club formed called San Clemente ROCKS, bringing a movement that will rock your world. This club spreads artistic love throughout the community by painting and sharing rocks. Rocks are painted with everything from an enthusiastic message, ocean theme, Triton pride, patriotic support, to movie characters. After members paint the rock, they hide it around town for any random passerby to find. Whoever finds this rock can either keep it, share it with another, or re-hide it anywhere else in the world that they please. So far the club’s rocks have popped up in Greece, St. Martens, Mexico, and many US States. These tiny terms of endearment are being painted by people of all ages, who are at all levels of artistic ability, and are touching people’s lives in big ways.

San Clemente ROCKS is making an unexpected difference, spreading happiness and hope, and bringing strangers together for a stronger sense of community. In September, Konnie Voris of San Clemente, reached out to the club with a request for rocks to be painted with anchors and the name of her daughter, Saylor, a SCHS student, who had passed from cancer. The overwhelming outpour of support for rocks painted in Saylor’s memory, brought comfort to Konnie as she approached the three-year anniversary of the onset of Saylor’s illness. Konnie views these rocks as pieces of Saylor, and feels that they help to insure that Saylor will never be forgotten.

Another SC resident, Jamie Mulholland, was hanging out around Del Mar Ave., when a special rock with a red heart and heartbeat line caught her eye. The significance of this rock to Jamie is that during her pregnancy, the doctors could not find a heartbeat for weeks. Ignoring doctors’ suggestions to terminate, Jamie patiently followed her gut, and at week 10, a heartbeat was found. Jaime’s daughter, Valentine, is now three-years-old, and Jaime has a heartbeat tattoo on her back to signify their journey; a tattoo that closely resembles the rock that she found. 

With over 3,000 members and painting events popping up city wide, smiles have skyrocketed and days have been made brighter. Kids have traded their i-Pads and video games for a family beach trail rock hunt excursion. Employees use their lunch breaks to stroll Del Mar, searching in bushes, comically puzzling onlookers who aren’t keen to this nation-wide craze, all in search of a special find. The club’s Halloween beach trail rock hunt took place October 27th-29th. All were welcome to search the trail between North Beach and State Beach for a Halloween or Fall themed rock to take home or re-hide. The Journal’s painted pick of recognition went to Darla Bailey, whose piece showed support of the recent Las Vegas shooting victims. #vegasstrong.

San Clemente ROCKS has also begun to raise money for local charities. In July, a painting event was thrown to raise funds for Community Outreach Alliance, a local non-profit that provides healthy activities for youth. In September, an adult paint night was held at Sidestreet Gallery, raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club. The next fund-raising event will be a silent auction held in December, in collaboration with the San Clemente Skatepark Coalition, to raise funds for the installation of lights at the Ralph’s Skatepark. 

Anyone can become a member by going onto the club’s Facebook page San Clemente ROCKS. Local businesses have been jumping on the rock wagon by sponsoring the charity events, and graciously allowing the rock hiding to take place at their store fronts. Sarah Hopkin, owner of Fired Up, has made a specific request that rocks be hidden in the front garden at her ceramics painting studio. She posted, “I am just blessed that artist are rocking.” The vintage store Pak Rat, holds one of the club’s fairy doors, which is a take a rock, leave a rock concept. 
It will be exciting to see what is to come of San Clemente ROCKS, and who knows, while around town, a tiny painted gesture just might catch your eye and make all the difference to your day. Stay tuned.

Look up San Clemente Rocks on facebook.

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