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Ocean Inspired Halloween Costumes

Sep 05, 2017 12:09PM ● By Rebecca Parsons
by Rebecca Parsons

Dressing up for Halloween As summer draws to a close the crowds will thin, school will resume, the days will grow shorter, and the seasons will begin their inevitable change. As we welcome fall, we welcome changing colors, pumpkin lattes, cool nights, and of course, Halloween. While shuffling around at the last minute for a costume presents its own form of excitement, why not plan ahead this year? Save yourself some cash and try making a homemade costume. We’ve rounded up twelve ocean-inspired costume ideas, perfect for the entire family. 

Jellyfish: This is such a cute costume and it’s super easy too. Simply find yourself a clear or solid umbrella and adorn it with streamers, bubble wrap, and ribbons. Dress head to toe in your favorite jelly color. String some battery-powered lights around the base of the umbrella for a costume that’s sure to stand out.

Tacky Tourist: This look is classic. Put on your worst Hawaiian shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and knee high socks with sandals. Accessorize with a fanny pack, an oversized camera, a lei, or a visor for a look your dad would be proud of. Thrift stores are a gold mine for fun and funky Hawaiian patterns.

Mermaid: You know you’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, so why not go all out this Halloween? Put on a shell or coconut bra, knit yourself a tail (or buy one online), and weave some shells or fish netting into your hair. Accessorize with a shell necklace and flashy purple or pink lipstick. Use terms like “fintastic” and “merfriends” for an extra convincing costume. 
Polar Bear: Believe it or not, polar bears are marine mammals! If the weather cools off, this may be the perfect costume for a long night of trick or treating. Find an extra fuzzy white sweater to wear over a pair of white leggings or sweats. Top it off with black sneakers and gloves, paint your nose, and sew ears onto a headband.

Snorkeler: Grab your favorite bikini or boardshorts, a facemask, snorkel, a pair of fins and you’re good to go! If it’s cold out or you’re a little more conservative, wear your suit over black leggings and a black tee. The look will be just as cute and you’ll stay covered and warm. Or, if you’re extra bold, wear your wetsuit (just be sure not to overheat)!
Shark: If you’re trying to be the scariest person at the party, this costume is for you. All you need is a gray hoodie, safety pins, and some felt. Simply cut teeth out of the felt and safety pin them to the edge of the hood. Bonus points for making a fin and safety pining it to your back! Wear gray sweats or tights and matching flippers if you’ve got them!

Lifeguard: So classic, So easy, So good. Simply find a red swimsuit, a classic Lifeguard tee, a straw hat, and smother zinc across your face. If you can get your hands on one of those red flotation devices, even better, but please don’t “borrow” one from your local beach, lifeguards actually need those things!

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: You’ll probably be explaining your costume all night, but it’ll be well worth it due to the number of people you’ll be educating. If you aren’t familiar, the garbage patch is a giant blob of trash that’s floating around the Pacific Ocean. To complete the look, simply safety pin garbage all over your clothes. We recommend using large amounts of plastic. 
Squid: Purchase a squid hat from an aquarium gift store or off Amazon. Wear a solid tee and pants that match your hat and flippers if you feel so bold.

Pirate: White puffy shirt, eye patch, heavy eye makeup, combat boats and your best Jack Sparrow impression. Add a 1700’s style jacket or pin a fake parrot to your shoulder for some extra flair. Done and done.

Penguin: Find some black pants and a black sweatshirt. Sew some extra large eyeballs (the bigger the cuter) and a beak onto the hood. Cut out a large oval of white fabric and sew or safety pin it to the front of the sweatshirt. Wear yellow kitchen gloves on your feet for the perfect finishing touch!

Sea Star: First, pick your favorite color. Next, acquire two pieces of fabric and cut out life-size stars. Sew them together, but make sure to leave room for you head and arms. If you’re not so slick with a needle and thread, try a cardboard cutout. Put on a color coordinated outfit under you star suit.