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barre3 San Clemente - Combining Fitness, Business and Friendship

Mar 01, 2016 11:25AM ● By Anne Batty

The staff is well-trained and qualified at both locations.

by Anne Batty

Local fitness enthusiasts, Nicki Insley and Jessica Leonard, were just business partners when they opened their first barre3 workout studio in Laguna Niguel in 2013. And just two years later, capitalizing on their success, they are not only celebrating the opening of a second location in San Clemente, but in the process have become fast friends.
“We hardly knew each other when we started out,” Nicki shared, “but through our passion for fitness, the barre3 philosophy and having fun growing our business, we forged an incredibly deep friendship. It is amazing to share this experience with someone who you can do life with, not just barre3.”
The opportunity to become franchisees and instructors of the barre3 brand of fitness was discovered online by Jessica Leonard when she was looking for just the right workout to rid herself of her post-baby bodyweight. Obtaining great results and enjoying the combined yoga, Pilates and ballet barre workouts, Jessica became excited about the idea of opening a studio in Orange County. 
Asking her acquaintance, Nicki Insley, to join her, the pair went to Portland, OR together to complete the fitness and business training, and after a year and a half of preparation, first one and now two businesses have become a reality for the duo.
Joining their talents to open the first studio, they began by looking for space in San Clemente. But at the time they couldn’t find the spot that fit their needs. Discovering the perfect venue in Laguna Niguel they decided to start there, always having in mind the eventual opening of another studio in their own hometown.
“When we saw the space that was available in the Ocean View Plaza we knew it would be perfect,” Nicki explained enthusiastically. “We couldn’t believe the incredible ocean view, and that someone hadn’t snatched it up. It was exactly what we were looking for and we are so happy and excited for the opportunity to be working back in town.”
Although patrons of the first business had some reservations, the twosome’s thriving studio in Laguna Niguel will not be neglected with the opening of this new one. With 13 well-trained and qualified instructors working alongside the popular owners in both places, patrons at each location will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.
“Participants in our first studio were a little nervous when they found out about our new studio,” Nicki said. “But once assured that Jessica and I would be teaching at both locations, all was well.”
What’s this brand all about?
A global network of studios inspired by three fitness disciplines, barre3 classes are the brainchild of health and wellness expert/author Sadie Lincoln. Developed in 2008 this workout features a highly effective system of one-inch isometric variations and fluid motions that take inches off the body, offering immediate and continuous results. 
“In just seven years, barre3 has grown from a single studio in Portland to over 75 locations and 249 plus workouts streaming online,” says Lincoln. “Partnering with passionate entrepreneurs and health advocates like Nicki and Jessica has made this possible.”
The two barre3 studios now owned and operated by Insley and Leonard are the only ones of their type presently operating in Orange County. 
“We feel we are bringing back home our best friend for our family and family of friends to meet for the first time,” the two entrepreneurs agree. “We are so excited and know that everyone is going to love this workout. It is perfect for an active community, as barre3 builds strength and increases grace which allows for better surfing, paddle boarding, skate boarding, cycling, and even roller skating! It is a workout that fits perfectly into the Southern California lifestyle.”

For more information or to sign-up for classes barre3 San Clemente can be contacted at (949)429-1738, or visit their website


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