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Edens Garden - Essentials for the Good Life

Feb 26, 2016 12:47PM ● By Maggie Zeibak

Grace Martin, far left, with her employees gathered in the conference room.

by Maggie Zeibak

Nowhere is it written that we should accept life as it presents itself to us. Enquiring minds need to know just that little bit more about seizing sparkling opportunities. Every now and again we see or hear something intriguing and resolve to learn a little bit more about it, especially when it has something to do with our health and wellbeing. Keeping an open mind about the use of essential oils in our everyday life is made easy by a local company, Edens Garden, owned by long-time San Clemente resident, Grace Martin.
Starting off in her in-laws’ garage back in 2009 and now in the third building expansion, the company has grown by leaps and bounds employing a very simple business strategy – keeping the product price low and only selling to the end customer online. She controls the quality by only shipping direct to the end user and has built a strong reputation by almost zero advertising and word-of-mouth referrals.
When Martin founded the company she knew she wanted to create an organization that valued people over profit, and while on a mission trip in New Zealand she realized how enriching nature can be. With her soul soothed she later learned that essential oils offer that same refreshing and captivating experience and has since worked tirelessly to obtain only the best holistic products.
“It has been an amazing journey so far,” she said, “we are very proud of the high quality oils we carry. Our customer’s needs always come first. After many long nights, and a dedicated staff, Edens Garden blossomed into what it is today. Our essential and carrier oils are enjoyed in homes, offices and used by massage therapists throughout the world. We control the freshness and quality of our oils (no pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMO’s or harmful chemicals are used) and guarantee them to be the freshest available. Each oil is stored in a temperature sensitive room with minimal light to ensure the therapeutic properties are not compromised. Our stunningly aromatic oils are 100% pure, natural and undiluted, extracted from flowers, roots, leaves, stems and seeds containing many healing properties.”
Offering the best essential oils at affordable, practical prices, she believes that everyone deserves a break, dipping their toes in the sand, sipping tea with friends or soaking in the tub with a good book. Today’s world can take its toll even on the best multi-tasker or superior planner and her goal is to create calm, life-giving moments. Not feeling healthy and balanced is overwhelming and essential oils can help improve your health and mental wellbeing. 
So, how do we use them?
Our skin, being the largest organ in our body, can readily absorb the oils and start doing their job by cleansing and providing nutrients very quickly. What better way to end a tiring day by indulging in a little foot-rub, adding a few drops to an aroma diffuser in either your car or at home, or spraying sleep-enhancers on your pillow? Edens Garden’s website shows 150 Different Ways to Use Essential Oils and each order is accompanied with a free educational pamphlet.
One of the best products offered is the Top 6 Set. It’s a great starter pack and introduction to the world of oils. Inside, there is Eucalyptus that can help colds, sore throats and congestion, Lavender to inspire tranquility, Lemon for uplifting moods and inspiring positive thinking, Peppermint for digestion and enhancing mental agility, Sweet Orange to help de-stress and Tea Tree that helps treat fungal infections. Attractively boxed in sleek black this makes a thoughtful Birthday, Anniversary or Shower gift for all ages, men and women alike. 
With long and strong ties to San Clemente’s business community, Grace Martin is one of our home-grown variety and as she said, “I started the company with the intention of contributing to my family and wanted to continue living here. My husband had just started Legacy Builders (recently finishing up construction on the models at Sea Summit) and we had very little money. Because of the success of Edens Garden, we have been able to adopt three of our four children (ages 1, 2, 3, and 4). We can’t be more grateful for the amazing journey we have been on and look forward to see how God writes the rest of the story.”
There are many ways to use essential oils, and discovering different combinations to enhance your health and lifestyle can be enjoyable and beneficial. 

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