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San Clemente Journal

Publisher's Message, Holiday 2014

Dec 24, 2014 08:35AM ● By Don Kindred
Peace is the absence of conflict. - John Denver

  The Chamber of Commerce once had to take down a street banner I had 
designed for an El Camino Real lightpost. The objection being that there was a tower photographed on the banner with a cross on it. The city of San Clemente, who had funded the project, had received a complaint from a citizen and passed along the order. 
  We complied. I remember some letters were passed in the papers, debates were waged on the separation of church and state, ‘Were we one nation under God, or not?’ Suddenly, two years later, we were asked to reprint it and put 
it back up. 

So I understand the fact that someone might have a problem with the choice for our Holiday Issue’s cover photo. I want you to know up front that two 
factors were carefully considered before the decision to run this cover was made; 1) It’s my decision.  2) I like the picture. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Christian, surely you understand the symbol of the cross. It’s a big deal in our faith, especially around this time. But the cross is also a timeless image, reserved for those who have made the 
ultimate sacrifice. Something that we give our respect to, a sacred symbol we have honored since long before the birth of this nation.

As I write, it is less than a week since the death of two members of our local business community. They died in a murder/suicide. I can’t speak to any 
motive or justification, I just feel the loss, the waste of life. We are here for 
such a short while, that I have a hard time understanding when those precious moments get needlessly and purposely cut short. 

It would seem these incidences have become a part of our society. We can never anticipate the random acts of rage that seem to be proliferating. Not just in our town and our country, but all over the world. 

And so I offer this cross as a symbol of peace, a peace achieved through 
forgiveness. A peace that comes from the the absence of conflict, the strength 
it takes to take a hit without having to pay it back. It is my Christmas wish for each of us, that we find a calm resolution for the conflicts in our lives and the new year finds us content with ourselves and those we love.

Don Kindred