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Sunny Changes for the Boys & Girls Club

Dec 05, 2014 11:12AM ● By Don Kindred
by Chassa Norris

Youth: a vital time in a person’s life, a period of prime indication for future success. Fortunately for our community, we have the Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente in the neighborhood, near downtown, to keep our adolescents in line and reaching for the sky. Privileged as we are to have an organization dedicated to providing the youth with the necessary skills and ambition to succeed right in our very own community, local solar contractor Candelaria Solar Electric was thrilled by the opportunity to contribute its services to the Boys and Girls Club.
The Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente has been valuable for generation after generation, to parents and child alike. Even non-members enjoy the facility’s basketball courts, park, and playing field. It has been around for ages and has watched the town grow and blossom throughout the decades. It has deep roots within our community, and even if you haven’t personally been involved with the Boys and Girls Club, you probably know someone who is or was a member at one time or another. One of Candelaria Solar Electric’s solar installers is a San Clemente native who grew up a member of the Boys and Girls Club. It was a nice opportunity for him to return as a young adult and make a contribution that will benefit today’s youth and those to follow. Many young members are given opportunities and challenges that wouldn’t normally be offered to them. It’s a place to get your child socially involved in a safe, welcoming environment. Dedicated and caring supervision coupled with a multitude of activities allows parents to rest assured that their children are in good hands.
Clean Energy 4 All saw the need for this goal-oriented organization, which is preparing our adolescents for a proactive and productive future, to prosper with less financial burden. They determined that the Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente should benefit from the savings involved with having solar. Clean Energy 4 All is a non-profit organization making a unique difference in the world, with their charitable efforts benefiting lives of those most in need while using renewable energy. They offer funds for solar to other non-profits to lower the costs associated with running a large organization. Earlier this year, Clean Energy 4 All also helped provide Teen Challenge of Ventura, a non-profit women’s shelter, with a photovoltaic system at the hands of Candelaria Solar Electric. Their savings are expected to be more than $250,000 over the next twenty years. We anticipate similar savings for the Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente.
By joining the club, a member enters into a realm of friendship, fun, stability, and support. The skills and reinforcement that they receive foster lifelong confidence for them to pursue their dreams and goals, while making positive memories to cherish. Clearly, this is both a learning facility and a community outreach, and for many, it is a home away from home. Many parents depend on its affordability and also reliability in keeping their children preoccupied during after school hours, and many children depend on it for their academic and social achievement.
Clean Energy 4 All helped provide solar funds for the Boys and Girls Club to ensure its endurance and benefit to the community. They partnered with Candelaria Solar Electric who designed, engineered, and oversaw the production and installation from start to finish of a 20.16 kW photovoltaic system consisting of 72 Sunpreme 280 watt frameless bifacial panels, to reduce the electric costs associated with an average daily attendance of over 300 kids and maintain a low cost membership fee. The establishment is equipped with a teen center, games room, learning center, computer lab, arts and crafts center, TV lounge, kitchen, meeting rooms, and two gyms. With electricity in such high demand, their savings are bound to be greatly beneficial. 
Candelaria Solar Electric was honored to contribute to this facility which has been a part of the community since 1967. Marc Candelaria, president and CEO of Candelaria Solar Electric, donated much of his own personal time to the project. “We are so privileged to be involved in this project and able to support one of the most well respected organizations in our city,” said Marc Candelaria. “We pride ourselves on being a San Clemente based company, and are thrilled to be able to give back to the community.”
The club is so reputable that some of our local vendors were even willing to help out for the cause, such as San Clemente electrical supplier CED, who supplied the switch gear in the first phase at a reduced cost. The Boys and Girls Club believes in the potential and capabilities of the community’s youth, and shapes them to become productive citizens. Thanks to Clean Energy 4 All for recognizing the importance of this organization, and to Candelaria Solar Electric for its expert install, the Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente will continue in its vision, now with less expense. 


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