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Celebrity Wedding, Singapore

Sep 13, 2014 07:21PM ● By Don Kindred

Pat, Yvonne, Alex, Sparky and Chanya.

"The first time I met Alex," says Rainbow Sandals founder Jay "Sparky" Longley, "He was in a boy band, singing and dancing around on stage, I'm proud to see how see how he has matured and the man he has become. And pleased to share the happiest moment of his life."
A contingent of San Clementeans affiliated with Rainbow made the journey to Singapore for the celebratory weekend which consisted of the Solemnization (marriage) cerermony on Saturday and a formal Celebration on the following night. 
Alex Tien is a former singer in the pop band B.A.D. in Hong Kong and Yvonne Lim s a nine-time best actress winner in Singapore

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