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San Clemente Journal

I don’t think print is dead, but our website is live.

Aug 13, 2014 08:46AM ● By Don Kindred
by Don Kindred

There’s a room in our office that we affectionately refer to as the morgue. It’s the place where the past issues go. Occasionally we’ll need to rifle through them to find some specific date or year. 
Invariably, I get lost looking through the old ones and someone has to come find me.

This issue will begin our 20th summer of publication. Over those years, we’ve tried to capture and celebrate, in print, this unique lifestyle that we enjoy in the Village. We have accumulated two decades of profiles on hundreds of our locals, from community leaders to high school students. We’ve written on new developments and historical landmarks. We’ve announced, 
photographed and reported on our public events, documented the lives, adventures and milestones of a diverse population that is now close to 70,000 people … all cozied up here on the same shore. When I look thru old issues I feel like the Journal has become a little piece of history itself. There’s some good stuff in there. We have the images from 81 different covers. We have 20 years of photographs, literally thousands... from black and white prints and slides to digital color files.

What to do with all that info?  
Well, what we did was rebuild our website: 
We made it into a more functional digital library of the people, places, events and businesses that have made San Clemente the special place that it is. There are over 500 articles and galleries loaded onto the site with more going up every day. 

Now local businesses and non-profits will be able to load their events on our on-line calendar. When we take photos at those events, we can post them the next day. Like when we take photos at the Fiesta on Sunday, we can post them immediately and not have to wait until our next issue. 
There’s also a directory for advertisers and businesses to help build up their own web presence. There’s a digital version of the current issue that you can access from the home page, or you can read the individual articles with additional pictures that we couldn’t fit in the print version. 
Check it out, catch up, but long live the beauty 
of the printed word.