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The Jeweler for all Seasons On The Rocks

Apr 01, 2014 07:42PM ● By Don Kindred

Desirea is engaged to David Halpin, a Professional Numismatist, her fiancé and associate in the business. Regarding Desirea, David says, “She’s the best gemologist around and the backbone of our business. We make a great team.”

by Bill Koelzer

The firm specializes in vintage and antique jewelry and in bridal jewelry at every price point, and also offers in-house financing. As a licensed Gemologist and Jeweler, Desirea is authorized to perform insurance appraisals. 

Her store sits strategically on the corner of El Camino Real and Ave Cabrillo, where Ave Cabrillo rises up the steep hill towards the Presbyterian Church. Next door to the north on ECR is Rocco’s Restaurant.

Desirea is engaged to David Halpin, her associate in the business. David is a Professional Numismatist (coin and metal collecting expert) since 1980, and a diamond and antique jewelry buyer and seller, and a bullion trader who buys and sells rare coins. 

Regarding Desirea, David says, “She’s the best gemologist around and the backbone of our business. We make a great team.” 

Together, David and Desirea have more than 46 years of Jewelry experience.
“We love helping wedding couples find the right jewelry, Desirea says, “We specialize in diamond engagement rings and wedding necklaces, and can make in-house anything the couple desires.

Desirea graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 2002 and after several years became manager of a high-end jewelry store, then began her careful planning to open her own store, On the Rocks Jewelers, in 2007. 

She says, “My greatest joy is being able to be involved in the customers’ lives—-to grow with them, being able to celebrate and enhance their best family moments.”
The interior of On the Rocks Jewelers is just plain beautiful. Airy and welcoming, it is so unlike the crowded cabinets and narrow walkways of typical jewelry stores. You feel unpressured as you check out the many jewelry items beautifully positioned on display.

The key décor point is the 20-foot-long, genuine wooden Brunswick (brand) back bar, which Desirea’s father found, and Desirea and her dad refinished, turning it into a 10-foot-tall work of art. Now it proudly and powerfully stands against the major wall inside the jewelry store, fronted by a jewelry-bearing serving bar similar to ones where patrons sat and ordered their drinks “on the rocks,” hence the Jewelry store’s name, “On the Rocks Jewelers.”  

Contact On the Rocks Jewelers at 
(949) 366-0022.