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Captain of the Quagmire - Bruce McCombs

Aug 01, 2010 09:17PM ● By Brian O

by Maggie Zeibak

Jello. There are times in our lives when our feet are caught in Jello. We can’t move forward, backwards or sideways as we are caught in a sticky gelatinous mass that impedes our progress through life. Is there such a thing as a Jello extraction process that will free us from procrastination or repeating the same mistakes over and over again? As a matter of fact, there is. His name is Bruce McCombs and he can help you find what is real and important in your life.

A San Clemente Rotary International member, who is a Life Coach for all facets of life, he has some interesting thoughts about who would benefit from his services. Not the automatic thought that only business people need coaches, but everyone in the family; we’ve all got issues, right? It’s like sorting the limes from the lemons knowing that the strawberries will ultimately win because we hold onto our defeatist attitudes. Most of us are resistant to advice or suggestions, so until we open the door to new concepts we’re going to wallow in the wretched Jello, avoiding, pretending and denying without tasting the sweetness that each day can bring. It’s not necessarily about confidence; it’s about establishing the direction your life will take with a Life Coach to help.

Life Coaching is a special relationship between a client and coach. It allows individuals to set their own goals and ultimately provide their own answers that lead them to take action. No, it isn’t mentoring, therapy or counseling; it’s more like smashing through those personal limitations we’ve set for ourselves.

“Take a couple of examples,” says McCombs, “your husband wants to lose 30-lbs, lower his body fat and have a 36-inch waistline by the end of the year, but he keeps backsliding for a variety of reasons. Then there is your High School son who is applying to college, but can’t quite meet the deadlines, fill out a questionnaire or provide the right documentation that has been requested. Would they both benefit from having a coach? Definitely yes. Having an unbiased person to help them be accountable to their pre-set commitments allows them to make their lives more fulfilling by achieving their objectives. I don’t sit in judgment, which is really important to remember; I’m here to help people live the lives they want. From an empowered position, you make better, more effective decisions and have stronger relationships.”

Originally from Texas, his background in software sales for Oracle, has given him extensive experience in interpersonal skills and superior job performance. He achieved his goals, and was named top salesman for many consecutive years. Sharing his professional expertise he currently volunteers with SCORE (Service Corp of Retired Executives) assisting small businesses in their growth.

“I enjoy helping people,” he continued, “we look for solutions together, weighing choices in a multitude of areas. Individual growth is important for most of us and we can look at life a little differently when we face a forked road and wonder which path to take. Some of my clients have faced health issues and I have ultimately guided them into making their own decisions about which course of treatment to choose. Our lives revolve around decisions and there are many times when we don’t know which choice to make and that leads to us being stuck. The result? Ineffective time management and additional stress.”

Personal chemistry is important in this kind of relationship especially when there are sensitive issues to address such as weight loss, relationships and self-worth. Treading carefully through his own Jello (yes, the coach has a coach) Bruce feels that he can ask powerful questions to uncover and explore core values. Gaining perspective and insight, all the while asking for accountability without offending his client, he strives to lead the conversation to a satisfactory solution. He conducts his coaching sessions either in person, or by phone – again set by the client.

Just about every family has someone who would benefit from a Life Coach whether it is about completing chores, finishing a novel or degree, resolving a dispute, running a marathon, a job search or reorganizing the family budget. Newly divorced or widowed individuals can map out a path they wish to follow, just as returning military personnel may need help re-adjusting to civilian life. We can all look inward and identify where we need help, we just have to make that first step and get out of the squelching swamp. Top your New Year’s Resolution list with these contacts.b


Contact Bruce McCombs for a free consultation through his website at or Tel: (214)295-4810