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8th Annual Skateboard Contest - Adds Surf Event on Sunday

Feb 01, 2008 04:24PM ● By Don Kindred
by Job Ang

What is the first thing people think about when they hear the words “San Clemente?” More often than not, the words beautiful, perfect weather and surfing come to mind. That’s exactly what approximately 2,000 people are coming to town for in September, that and the San Clemente Surf/Skate Open.

The San Clemente Surf/Skate Open event was first established in 1981 by the San Clemente Beach, Parks, and Recreation Foundation (BPR), an organization dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation for public parks. At the time, it was the only contest allowed by the City, and was held in the also newly inaugurated Ralphs’ Skate Park. 

Initially a fun event that drew 106 kids, it has grown into an annual event with big-time local sponsors, like Ralph’s Grocery Co, C1RCA, Dr. Marashi's Dental Practice (a skater himself), the Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Coast National Bank. Participants have included San Clemente’s own skater phenom, Ryan Sheckler. Approximately 125 participants will enter this year, and the event draws over a thousand spectators. 

This year the City of San Clemente and the BPR Foundation are adding a second event on Sunday, with the action moving down to the pier bowl for a city surf contest. San Clemente High School Surfing Coach John Dowell, and they are looking for a Surf company to help sponsor the event.

Presently in its eighth year, the San Clemente Open Skate portion will be held on Saturday, September 20. The event starts bright and early at 8 am, ending at 4pm. at the the Ralph’s Skate Park. The Sunday surfing event will be held between the pier and Marine Safety Headquarters. A special award will be given to the participant who scores the highest in both event.b 

Information:For registration or vendor information contact the City Recreation Department at 949-361-8265.
Interested sponsors may contact Don Kindred at 949-492-8981.