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Are You a Salon Jumper?

Feb 05, 2006 12:34PM ● By Don Kindred
by George, Stylist

If you are a salon jumper, you are not alone. There are a large percentage of people who have never found that one stylist that can do their hair the right way. Therefore, they jump from salon to salon and leave disappointed every time. 
Now may be the time to stop that jumping, and here are three helpful hints that may help you to do so. 
First, just as in any relationship, it takes time for a stylist to get to know you and your personality. Although it is not impossible for you to get the look you are going for on the first visit, it often takes time for a stylist to learn who someone really is. In the first appointment, the only thing the stylist knows about you is what you tell them when you sit down for a consultation. Unfortunately this may be misleading, because most people tend to amplify and make themselves sound a little more daring or exciting than they really are. A person can sit down in the stylist’s chair and portray themselves as anyone they want to be. If they over exaggerate, the stylist can’t ascertain their true character or choose a suitable look that will define them and suit their lifestyle. 
Here is something to remember … a stylist can’t totally read who you are unless you come back a few times. With patience, they have a chance to pick up on your personality and be more able to give you the style you are looking for. 
The second thing to remember is that the stylist works for you. Without you they have nothing. A good stylist will do whatever it takes to make you happy but they can’t accomplish this if you never come back. When you come into a salon bring in pictures. It doesn’t have to be just one picture, bring all the ones you like. This will help guide the stylist in the direction you want to go with your hair. This also makes things easier for both of you. Pictures help you speak in “hairstylist language” without having to use words. 
Another bit of advice … your hair type my not be the same as the hair of the model in the picture. For example, fine hair will not look or turn out the same if the model in the picture has course hair. Therefore, just be prepared to make changes to the haircut to accommodate your hair type. The stylist will be able to tell you what will and what won’t work for your hair.
GeorgeThe third and final tip is to talk. Show and tell the stylist what you want. When they’re cutting and you notice that one side of your hair is left too long or you don’t like how it is laying, tell them. Don’t just sit there and not say anything. Unfortunately, hairstylists are not gifted with psychic abilities and they cannot read minds. It is okay to be picky. It will also help your stylist improve his or her skills and help them to truly understand what you want. Hairstylists want their clients to leave the salon happy, not thinking “Well, maybe next time he will get it right.” 
Think of it this way, if you went to a restaurant and ordered a salad and your server brought you a hamburger, would you just sit there and eat it? Would you go home very unhappy and tell yourself you will never go back because your server didn’t get your order right? Absolutely not, you would tell your server you ordered a salad, not a hamburger. 
Just like the server in this scenario, your stylist wants to get your “order” right and that may take a second try. As in any relationship, communication is the key. Hairstylists are people-persons. They love to talk and they love it when you talk helping them to help you. b