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ENDUROSHOT– New Energy Drink Hits the Market

Nov 05, 2005 04:24PM ● By Don Kindred
by Nick Azzollini

Founder Candice Peck, left, with Max Koby and some of the team.ENDUROSHOT Maximum Energy is the new kid on the block in the niche market of sports energy aides. Making its debut in October, 2004 at the Natural Products Expo East in Washington, D.C., it was an instant hit, and can now be found on the shelves of both national chains and in various independently owned specialty stores around the country.
In an effort to find out more about this product, I met one morning with one of its developers, Candice Peck, who along with husband, Darren, owns the Peck Food Group located here in San Clemente.
As veterans in the sports nutrition and food industry, it seems Candice and Darren came up with the idea for developing Enduroshot out of an awareness that some of the existing products on the market were, by content, harmful to many of the athletes using them. 
“Being hypoglycemic and having a family history that includes diabetes, I must be aware of what I am taking,” Candice revealed. “As people leading active lifestyles, Darren and I felt there was a need for a sports product that was low in carbohydrates, contained no sugar, yet was rich in B-vitamin complexes and the essential electrolytes normally lost in training and exercising.” 
With this in mind, the husband and wife team’s #1 goal was to create an energy supplement that was not only healthier, but one that would really work. At the same time they wanted the product to taste good without adding a lot of unnecessary ingredients. 
After contacting Research and Development specialists and several food scientists, and experiencing many long months of experimentation and taste testing, they finally arrived at their product. A conveniently packaged, easy to carry (2.2 ounce) bottled drink that comes in three flavors and gives partakers 3-5 hours of healthy energy.
No newcomer to the health and specialty market, Darren Peck was formerly vice- president of a low carbohydrate food manufacturer responsible for establishing both national and international market share and brand awareness. And having worked with Fortune 500 Companies developing leading product lines, Candice Peck brings much experience in advertising, consulting and product development to the table. 
Not only are they expert developers and marketers, the Pecks are both sport enthusiasts, active in skiing, tennis, scuba diving and golf. Hailing originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada they came to town during a “where do we want to live road trip” down the California coast. 
“When we arrived in San Clemente, Darren and I looked at each other and said, this is it!” Candice exclaimed. 
The entrepreneurial couple will be looking to open offices in the San Clemente Business Park within the next year and are planning to launch more sport nutritional products in March of 2006. They have been actively promoting Enduroshot around town at many sporting events like the SC Challenge, SC Ocean Feast and recently, the SC Open Skatepark Competition. Pro-amateur surfers Jason Miller and Brandon Ragenovich, skateboarder Kendall Cordova, professional golfer David Hemstead, pro-amateur all mountain skier/snowboarder Kris Thomas and pro kayaker Todd Baker are among the users and sponsors of the product.
Candice noted, “One thing about our being endorsed by professional sports figures is that they are not paid. They are doing so based on the belief that our product actually helps them.” 
A couple of San Clemente’s own, Max Koby and Dan Hart have recently joined the fledgling company as local sales brokers with the responsibility of developing new business accounts. With local help and a goal, “to develop great products with outstanding taste and nutritional values that consumers want and need,” Enduroshot and the Peck Food group can’t help but succeed. b 
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