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HOME IMPROVEMENT FROM THE INSIDE OUT Becoming the New and Improved You!

Feb 05, 2005 01:51PM ● By Don Kindred
by CeCe Darakjain

    The windows are re-sashed and the chimneys been swept. The pipes re-coppered and the roof re-shingled. There are new Pergo floors and Tavertine tiles, but something still seems to be missing. You’ve done the whole “home improvement” thing, but not everything seems new and improved. What can it be? How about a new you? Maybe the best way to improve your home this year is to improve the person who lives inside it. 
    Fortunately there is an inexpensive, convenient and fun way to become a new and improved you through the Capistrano Unified Community Education program. The Community Education program offers a myriad of classes right here in San Clemente that can help you to become that person you’ve always wanted to be. 
    Want to improve your health? Try a yoga class at Lobo Elementary. Want to be a better cook? How about the “Cooking Along with Fiona” class at Vista Del Mar? Have a brilliant invention sitting in your basement waiting to make you a million dollars? Learn “How to Sell Your Inventions for Cash” at San Clemente High School. All of these and much more are awaiting you with just the click of a (mouse) button.
    A few years ago the school district began looking at ways to reach out to the community and to better utilize facilities often under used. Although some adult classes were being offered, most were targeted to specific audiences including vocational and remedial learners. The district began to look at using classrooms, sitting empty most nights and weekends, to meet the wants and needs of the community, while possibly generating a little income. They began offering fee based classes taught by specialist in their field, and the response has been amazing. 
    According to Brooke Beahm, the Community Education Coordinator, the program currently enrolls over 10,000 students making it virtually the largest “school” in Capistrano Unified. New classes are being added each semester with some classes filling up soon after the opening of registration. “These classes are a low risk, low cost opportunity to try something new,” said Brooke.
One such class is “Wines of the World.” This class was an instant hit and was full within days of starting registration. The class is held at The Vine restaurant on Monday nights. There are six separate classes, each one focusing on a different region of the world and the wines produced there. Taught by Kevin Dunn, the wine steward of The Vine, the class features wine tasting and food pairing tips, and promises to teach anything and everything you want to know about wine. For a mere $39 per class, or $215 for all six classes, you can see why this class has become such a favorite.
    Of course, foreign language courses are always popular. The district has always offered opportunities for non-English speakers to improve their English, and has now added a new twist. “Foreign Language in the Workplace” is a class for English speakers in the business community who need to learn to more effective communication with Spanish speaking employees and clients. Offered at San Clemente High School’s Upper Campus, this class meets for eight weeks for a cost of $30. You can expect to learn some basic Spanish vocabulary and how to use it in the context of business transactions and customer service.
     Whether you want to learn to crochet, paint a still life, unlock your heart and build a loving relationship, or turn $4,000 into Millions in part-time Real Estate, you can do it all right here in San Clemente thanks to Capistrano Community Education . b