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Sourdough Bread from Scratch Workshop at The Ecology Center

When making bread at home, you’re in charge of what goes into every loaf. You can choose local, organic, and/or fairtrade ingredients. Making bread at home is a millenia old sustainable practice. It is what sustained the development of our society and can continue to do so. Making bread at home with sustainably sourced ingredients reduces the energy, water and other environmental goods wasted in the industrial growing, harvesting, producing, transporting, storing and selling operations. A home bread maker is a promoter and supporter of health, abundance and sustainability! Join the workshop to learn hands-on how to make the healthiest bread on the planet: 100% whole grain made with sourdough culture. In this workshop we will: Learn how to source, mill and handle whole grains Learn how to make a whole grain sourdough starter that keeps on giving and replaces the store-bought yeast Learn how to and make sourdough dough ready to bake at home Enjoy fresh bread and leave with sourdough starter and dough to take home and bake! Topics will include: types of flour, simulating a commercial bread oven at home, hydration rations, kitchen tools for bread making, shaping a boule and more. Please bring: a mixing bowl a tupperware container to take your dough home a digital scale if you have one Instructor: Kerri Cacciata Bio: Kerri was born and raised in Orange County. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in community organizing in San Francisco and studied culinary arts locally, finding harmony when the two subjects come together. She has worked in non-profit agencies, farmers markets, and in a number of professional kitchens. Kerri has spent over 10 years working and volunteering in the city of Santa Ana. With great focus and dedication, she helped bring a new farmers’ market to that community, launching the DTSA Certified Farmers' Market March 2014.

Date & Time

October 10, 2015

1:00PM - 3:00PM

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$40 for member $50 for non-members

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