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San Clemente Island Got Your Goat?

Nov 28, 2017 ● By Donia Moore

San Clemente Island is like a neighbor’s fenced backyard. We can see part of it. We can hear activities in it. But the truth is that most of us don’t know anything about it.

Time for the Holidays

Nov 20, 2017 ● By Don Kindred

I hope when you find yourself at that (Holiday) table, when the electronics are stowed and souls are bared, that you are filled with reasons to be thankful.

El Camino de Santiago, Spain. A Walk to Remember

Nov 27, 2017 ● By Anne Batty

Travelers come from all over the world to walk the El Camino de Santiago in Spain. It’s a road said to have been walked and evangelized by the Apostle St. James the elder – Son of Thunder

San Clemente Rocks

Nov 20, 2017 ● By Briana Denney

In January of this year, a club formed called San Clemente ROCKS, bringing a movement that will rock your world.

More Than Skin Deep - The Art of the Tattoo

Nov 20, 2017 ● By Donia Moore

The Living Art Gallery Tattoo and Lounge is one of the longest established tattoo galleries in San Clemente. Owned by third generation San Clementean Monte Livingston.

Who are the Acjachemen?

Aug 25, 2016 ● By Donia Moore

San Clemente natives have a long history in what is now Southern Orange County.

The Arons Family

Aug 25, 2016 ● By Donia Moore

A Sixty-Five-Year Legacy of Service

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