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Pilates Instructor John Kerwin - From Show Biz To Body Biz

By Anne Batty, Dec 23, 2016, Categories: Today, People, Health

Former Actor/News Anchor is dedicated to sharing his lifelong passion for fitness with SC Seniors.

So, You Wanna Fly?

By Tyler Kindred, Sep 14, 2016, Categories: Community, Health

Hydro-Flight in the Harbor

The Stem Cell Revolution

By Don Kindred, Aug 25, 2016, Categories: People, Health

New Procedure Helps the Body to Heal Itself.

Choosing Mantra Over Resolution

By Don Kindred, Mar 03, 2016, Categories: Health

Mantra is a word or phrase that expresses one’s basic beliefs and is used as a constructive, positive-reinforcement tool that may be audible, visible, or present in thought.

Tuning up the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

By Don Kindred, Mar 01, 2016, Categories: Today, Health

Almost 80% of men currently diagnosed with prostate cancer undergo a biopsy due to a suspicious serum prostate specific antigen (PSA).

barre3 San Clemente - Combining Fitness, Business and Friendship

By Anne Batty, Mar 01, 2016, Categories: Community, Today, Health

Local fitness enthusiasts, Nicki Insley and Jessica Leonard, were just business partners when they opened their first barre3 workout studio in Laguna Niguel in 2013.

Edens Garden - Essentials for the Good Life

By Maggie Zeibak, Feb 26, 2016, Categories: Today, People, Health

Keeping an open mind about the use of essential oils in our everyday life is made easy by a local company, Edens Garden, owned by long-time San Clemente resident, Grace Martin.

This Community is All In! Connecting to Battle Drugs.

By Don Kindred, Sep 29, 2015, Categories: Community, Health

Local group Community Outreach Alliance battles drug and alcohol abuse.

Healthy Fun in the Sun

By Donia Moore, Jun 04, 2015, Categories: Health

Here in San Clemente, we all look forward to playing on the beach and in the water. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s good for us – or is it?

The Hospital Debate

By Tyler Kindred, Jun 02, 2015, Categories: Community, Today, Health

There is a growing trend in health care. The traditional, inpatient, overnight stay hospital has been gradually replaced by the ambulatory care facility. Perhaps in part due to the increased efficiency of our modern health care system, and in part to growing health care cost.

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It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

  • OC Contemporary Gallery Opening Reception

    04:00PM — 06:00PM

    The OC Contemporary Gallery, the first premier fine art gallery located in San Clemente, has its ...

  • Astronomy Night

    06:30PM — 08:30PM

    Visitors traveling to sparsely populated areas are usually delighted to discover how many more st...

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