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San Clemente Journal

Handmade: A Maker's Market at The Ecology Center

Discover a unique outdoor market full of functional and well designed goods, handmade by local artisans.

Explore 30+ SoCal makers and food artisans, everything from hand woven baskets, clothing made with natural dyes, handmade furniture, local art, handmade herbal soaps and more. Plus, enjoy fun activities such as Wildcraft Lab Kids, Garden Cocktail Lounge, musical guests & artisan demonstrations. Maker’s Market celebrates goods that are functional, well designed and handmade by our local community. Choose to buy locally produced and handmade goods, rather than factory made. When we do so, we keep our money and skills inside our community to strengthen and grow our economy while supporting talented, skilled and artistic individuals. Join us Saturday, November 14th 10am-4pm to celebrate local and handmade goods, and the individuals who make them. We are honored to have the following artisans at Maker’s Market! Buck Owens—handwoven baskets Carol Sutton - textiles Elliott Marks—furniture design Jesse Miller—fine art, custom woodwork KAM Textiles—natural dyes, fiber art and design Kings Road Apothecary - herbal remedies, salves, tinctures Knitwit Magazine - print Laguna Lighting Co. - furniture Lady Bim - textiles Lila Creative - yogawear Lustered Walnut - ceramics Motoko Smith - woodworking Mt. Washington Pottery - ceramics Nanette Sullano - handwoven baskets Needlecrook - leather goods Sagebrush - surfboard bags Soapy Layne—all natural skin care products Stormy Monday—denim and goods Tigres to Lilies—wildflower arrangements Walter and George - leather goods And more to come!