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Drop Lines from the Pier Papa Took Us Fishing

Unlike Minnesota, there were no 10,000 lakes where I grew up. But we had the ocean, we Angelenos did. And as poor as our large family was during my formative years, Papa liked to get us out of the city at every opportunity.

Surfing Moms Creating Family Legacies

As a young girl growing up in South Orange County, I often wanted to learn to surf. I’d stand on the pier, lean on the railings, and stare wistfully at the surfers mesmerized by their exuberance. Surfing just wasn’t a girl’s sport back then.

Grad Nite ‘007 ‘Spies Like Us’ Theme for Party of the Year

Don’t be surprised if over the next few months you notice your friends and neighbors humming the theme song to “The Spy Who Loved Me” or spouting phrases like “yeah baby, yeah” in their best Austin Powers accent.

Dripping in Jewels Today's Trends

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” jingle the ads. What makes a girl feel beautiful and desired, if not gorgeous jewelry? Jewelry is hotter than ever on the fashion scene, and as long as it’s in good taste almost anything goes; real or not.

It’s Not Obscene to be Green

Let’s face it; we’ve all got an agenda. Admittedly, some people are passionate and want to share their opinions loudly, while others quietly put their beliefs into practice.

Holiday Traditions, Memories from the Past

In the Greek tradition, good luck and prosperity for the new year comes to whomever gets a coin in their piece of bread. What traditions do you or your families follow during the holidays? What makes your holiday memories special to you?

Following in their Parent’s Footsteps

We are a society who puts aside one day a year dedicated to our mothers and our fathers. Somehow on those individual days we try to express to our parents how much they mean to us, how much they’ve taught us and influenced us, and how grateful we are for all they’ve done

Whale Sightings are Up for Annual Migration

Question: What’s as big as a bus; weighs approximately 35 tons and lives to be at least fifty years of age?


Burn, baby, burn. Why can’t I bring myself to execute the obvious, rather than waffling around admiring my latest candle acquisition?

Our Recreation Department is Running Out Of Room

Along with his early ambitious desires for a “Village by the Sea,” San Clemente founder Ole Hanson proudly announced “…the whole City should be a park.” These were noble and inspirational words in their time.