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Three Poems by Kathleen KaKae Culbertson

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Three Poems by Kathleen KaKae Culbertson

My first poem is in Haiku form in which I learned how to write while working as an Esthetician at the Golden Door Spa Resort in Escondido. I wrote it feeling no matter who you are deep down inside all of us we have a natural beauty that with a sweet little smile can evoke some joy and shine our inner light.


Natural Beauty

Is You, Me, All  Within Us.

Smiles Shine Inner Light.


This next Haiku I wrote while walking on the beach north of the San Clemente pier where lots of tiny stones and pebbles line the shore where the ocean waves roll over. The sound to me mimicked the sound of rain sticks. A soothing sound to calm my being.



Rain Sticks on the shore

Waves rolling over pebbles

Natures healing songs.


My favorite poem I wrote for a niece deploying for Iraq and for those that are far away that need a hug. May the embrace of angel wings feel like hugs holding you with love.



If I had  Wings

I would fly to be with you.

If I had  Wings

My Wings would embrace you.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my poems. I had a difficult time choosing between Haiku “Rain Sticks or Cowabunga Surf’s” since we live in a surfing community.  Copy right balboa press 2011 “Who would have Thunk I could be an artist!” by Kathleen KaKae Culbertson