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Shopping from the Heart ...

Jun 22, 2017 09:29AM ● By Maggie Zeibak
by Maggie Zeibak

It’s time to spruce up the house! Once those windows have been cleaned and the drapes pulled back to reveal there’s a bright new season out there, we feel the pull to add a few new accent features to the home. There’s nothing nicer than finding a sparkling blue plate or multi-green bowls to draw the eye to the coffee table, lighting up your room and, of course, your spirits.
Looking for something new and different? Pop into newly-opened Home Décor ‘n More and browse around their fresh, inviting display of home, patio and garden goods. Chances are you’re going to meet a member of the Spitz family to help you find just what you want. Opening a store is often the gateway to many a story, and ones that are not always happy ones.
Kathy’s House is a non-profit organization, started 20-years-ago, which is committed to providing support to families in need. They also partner with local shelters for recovery from domestic violence and addiction in Southern California. In addition, they work in Third World countries to free victims from physical and sexual abuse and enslavement. J.P. Spitz and his wife, Diana work tirelessly to raise funds and their latest fundraiser is this shop. Retired? Who said, “Retired”? Not these two, that’s for sure.
When J.P., a pastor in San Clemente for 45 years, heard of families working in a brick factory under inhumane conditions, he set off for Faisalabad, Pakistan after raising $296,000 in just one day. During the visit, he felt that God spoke to him saying that this was what he was going to do. Without hesitation he said, “I’m in.” Upon his return, the idea of a décor shop was born and the planning and hard work began, based on his previous experience in the décor business.
He said, “Rescuing families from slavery, hunger and degradation takes money. The first thing we do for them is buy them a donkey and a cart so that they can make a living. Many have not seen a bed, a television or ridden in a car and the children are uneducated. Living in poverty on the work site, they must meet their daily work quota or they are not fed and there is no escape. Their needs will never stop which is why our shop is so important for their cause. I have made five trips and each time my adrenaline is running so high I don’t have time to think about jetlag. We must conduct ourselves discreetly and we always have guards and cameras to safeguard us”.
Priced for a quick turnover of merchandise the store changes constantly, as it is restocked with new imports. The magic word ‘Sale’ appears on special racks, some with seasonal gifts. 
As we face the summer months, the sand and sea items will be a big seller, to say nothing of the garden and pool accents that will speak to you the minute you walk in the door. This also might be the moment when you realize that you can’t live without installing a tranquil water fountain in the back yard. 
Pick up a few of the stained-glass effect, hanging butterflies as they make wonderful small gifts for everyone - yes, price tags as low as $5! Splurging a bit more, you can buy your WW1 fan a colorful glass scene of fighting aircraft ready to hang in his man-cave.
Worthy of an extended visit, come and shop lavishly, knowing that your money will be spent wisely and with love. You can help.b

Home Décor ‘n More in the Stater Bros. Shopping Center North San Clemente (949)493-8888.