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High-Tech Meets Personal Touch

Dec 27, 2016 10:13AM ● By Maggie Zeibak

Brian Hannigan with his truck.

by Maggie Zeibak

Immediate gratification! Oh, how we love modern conveniences, especially through communication tools like email, text and social media. However, in this “get it done now” digital world, we may have lost the true emotion that a real greeting card brings to both the recipient and the sender.
Opening an email or responding to the “ding” when a text comes in cannot compare to the anticipation felt when you go to your real mailbox and find a card addressed to YOU. Not junk mail, not bills, but a tangible card that some caring person took the time to write and mail to you. Magical!
It’s almost unheard of these days to receive a birthday card from a friend or family member or a customer appreciation card from a business. The reason is simple. No one wants to spend their time driving to a store, picking out some $4-$6 generic card, going home and filling it out only to realize you don’t have a stamp to mail it anyway. So, it just doesn’t get done. But don’t despair … there is hope to bring back the personal emotions and business relationships that only a heartfelt card can deliver.
Born and raised in San Clemente, Brian Hannigan’s home-based business introduces advances in card sending that make our lives a little easier and, yes, he’s got an app for it.
“SendOutCards has been revolutionizing the card and gifting industry taking it from a traditional brick and mortar business to an on-line click and order business, allowing you to send cards and gifts from your computer. About a year ago SOC released an incredible phone app which has become a game-changer in the way cards and gifts are mailed today.”
Imagine, from the comfort of your home or office, at the beach or anywhere in the world, you can tap the app, select pictures from your own photo gallery, type or voice your message, include a gift if you like and hit Send. Your card will be printed on high-quality gloss paper, put into an envelope, addressed, stamped and mailed for as little as $1.64 and that includes the stamp!
With SendOutCards you can mail one card at a time or you can mail hundreds at once using the automated features. With the holidays fast approaching you can take advantage of the campaigns where you make a single card that is personalized automatically to each individual and with the click of a button it can be mailed to everyone in your Contact Manager address book. For those who regularly send cards over the holidays you can see what a time-saver this would be. Just think, party invitations can take on a more personal tone, announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, sympathy and the best card of all…the unexpected card – the one sent for no reason at all other than to let someone know you care about them. 
“You now know that you can add your own pictures or use one of the 20,000 premade cards,” Hannigan went on to say, “but there is more to the personal touch than that. With your SendOutCards account you have the option to add your own handwriting and multiple signatures. These are scanned into your account and your handwriting becomes one of the many font choices you can use on your card together with your own signature. Furthermore, you have the option to custom brand the back of your card with your business logo or family crest. All this combined is where high-tech meets personal touch!”  
You can imagine how useful this was for Brian in 2015 when he was chairman for our local Cancer Relay for Life and sent out an untold number of thank-you cards.
“In addition to producing an incredible product and providing a spectacular service, SendOutCards is unique in the fact that they allow people to share in the profits. By sharing the app and showing others how to send cards and gifts, they will pay you for every card and gift they send. Think about it, when was the last time you were paid to share an app?”
It’s hard to say who benefits most from a system like this; businesses for the ability to practice true Relationship Marketing and Customer Appreciation or the individual for the convenience and cost savings. Rest assured there is a low-tech aspect of this, one that caters for non-phone users and those of us with squinty eyes. We can set up our accounts online and work happily from our large-screen computer sending greetings all over the world without leaving the room.
You can download the free app and mail your first two cards free 

Mail your first two cards free. 
Contact Brian Hannigan (949)945-7753.