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San Clemente Journal

Maggie Zeibak

May 22, 2014 12:33PM ● By Don Kindred

Maggie Zeibak in Cuba

Maggie Zeibak was born and raised in Sandhurst, England and came to the U.S. to become a stewardess of the girdle, hat and gloves variety. During her 20 years of service in the airline industry, her experiences number from flying troops into Vietnam, to the subsequent Baby Lift from Saigon, to recruiting refugees in Camp Pendleton. Her management positions also took her to temporary assignments in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. After living in Bermuda, New Zealand and the four time zones of the contiguous states, she changed her career to Real Estate Marketing and Public Relations, notably with The Irvine Company where she met her hubby, Bob, a Development Engineer. Four years ago they moved to San Clemente where they have lived and laughed during their penultimate retirement. Although Zeibak enjoys the small town, coastal living, she also spends time in Lake Arrowhead and travels globally as much as possible. "I can never shake my peripatetic lifestyle," she says, "there is always a new culture at the baggage belt of every airport". When she is at home, Maggie enjoys battling the vagaries of her computer, reading and writing.