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Fruit Tree Orchard Design Workshop

Categorized as: Crafts & Hobbies
Event tags: Farm, Garden, tree, prune, orchard, grow


With the right steps, tools and techniques, an ecological backyard fruit tree orchard is easy to start, establish and maintain. Beyond the personal benefits, a backyard fruit tree orchard grower is a promoter and supporter of a healthy, abundant and sustainable future for all!

Join US in this workshop and together we will:

1) Learn hands-on about backyard ecological fruit tree orchard design

2) Learn about the step-by step process to start, establish and maintain the orchard

3) Gain insights about fruit tree choices suited for your garden, site and soil preparation, planting, irrigation set-up, seasonal pruning, natural disease & pest control and other techniques to ensure the health of your orchard

4) Observe and interact with a fully functional ecological and diverse fruit tree orchard at The Ecology Center

5) Create a first draft design or plan for your backyard ecological fruit tree orchard

All attendees will receive 1 or 2 informational hand-outs to complement the subjects covered in the workshop, and take home their own free small starter fruit tree!

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