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San Clemente Journal

Intro to Natural Dyes Workshop

at The Ecology Center

The art of natural dying, or dying with colors derived from plants and minerals, is a practice that brought color to our built world since the last part of the Stone Age. Today, choosing natural dyes over the chemical alternatives is more important than ever. Much of our clothing is dyed with synthetic chemicals like sulphur, nitrates, and heavy metals like copper, mercury, and lead.The widespread use of these dyes is a major leading cause of many health and environmental impacts like polluted watersheds, oceans, drinking supplies, wildlife die offs, as well as human respiratory and skin problems. Natural dying is a sustainable practice and its process and products are gentle to our environment and own health. A natural dyer is a promoter and supporter of health, abundance and sustainability! Join Us for a lecture and hands-on introductory workshop on natural and local plant dyes. In this workshop we will: Learn about the historical past and possible future of natural dyes Learn about a few easy to find and grow plants in Southern California used in natural dyeing Learn hands-on the steps of processing plants for natural dying Learn hands-on the process of natural dying Each participant will dye a few swatches and a handkerchief or small skein of wool to take home! Instructor: Kristin Morrison

Date & Time

December 12, 2015

12:00PM - 4:00PM

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$50 for Members, $60 for Non-Members

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